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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Aloha, oy

Finally got a freaking phone call from Hawaii and apparently it's one big happy family party over there. Glad they're having a good time. In all the good cheer I think I agreed to fly over there at some point. That's it, I'm never getting to New York City. Damn, I really need more than two weeks vacation in a year. My brother was best man at his friends Loren and Bonnie's wedding in New York last weekend, he flew back in last night. Haven't talked to him yet, but mom said as best man he had to make a speech. I'm sure it was a terrific speech, not at all like the drunken toast in "Old School". Or maybe it was, who knows. I just hope he had a good time. My sister is gearing up for the big NA convention, which I'm guessing is a lot of mutually supportive people having a good time while not getting seriously fucked up. Good for them. As for me, I ordered "The Thin Man" boxed set from Amazon Friday, so that's what I'm looking forward to as the too short as always weekend fades into the inevitable Monday. Happy viewing to me!


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