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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don't Fear the Reaper

You know what this blog needs? More Cowbell! I've got a fevah, and the only prescription is...MORE COWBELL!!! Downloading that was my contribution to getting through the late afternoon at the office today. Not to mention I need to do something with links to make this blog a whole lot more presentable, but I think I'm going to leave that for the weekend. Monday night, went to a screening of Thumbsucker with Liz, who knitted through the Q&A, so it wasn't just me. The first-time director/writer was endearing in a geeky way, God knows he made a great little flick and I think I would have been totally entertained if it was just his unknown self doing the talking. But the actors...people, made me feel like writers (which I claim/aspire to be) are performing a public service. You have these people who are so amazing when you put a script in their hands, give them direction and point a camera at them. Left to their own devices? Not so impressive. Kind of boring (or in Kelli Garner's case, dumb and blonde and giggly, never a good combo for me) . The first Q&A I ever actually saw people leaving before it was over. Made me feel like I need to write more, and not just for myself. I guess not everyone can be George Clooney explaining his runaway production self where Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is concerned. Regarding the flick itself, loved it (although Liz and I both thought it ran a bit long in parts we couldn't quite put our fingers on), think the fact that I'm a Wes Anderson geek probably helped, Keanu was funny as hell, Vince Vaughn was restrained and there was Elliot Smith (eek!) In unrelated news, my mom heads for her bizarro Hawaiian vacation early next week. We'll be having dinner Tuesday night in LAXland before she takes flight. Gory details to blog/follow, I'm sure. On the Tivo battlefield front: I've got it to program certain shows, keywords, actors and directors for me, and record them even. Play them back? It's not happening. Must troubleshoot...


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