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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Embrace your balls, you were born with them!

So guys or gals, click on the post title for some serious wisdom from my friend Liz, the Everyday Goddess, co-worker, pretty much once a week lunch companion to whom I never contribute enough comment, all-around inspiration for me wanting to be a serious blogger and guys, seriously a catch for the discriminating man. People, she went to the inaugural BlogHer thing up north. She is to be taken seriously in this arena. To me, the amazing thing about this post is that as sociable and pro-active about dating as Liz is, I am totally her polar opposite in this respect, and yet nonetheless, everything she says, I agree with in a well yeah, and duh while you're at it cuz you're a guy kind of way. It's just a guy thing, I guess. You take Liz's advice to heart, hell I might even date you. Providing of course that you can make it convincing that you really find big, self-sufficient, anti-social brunettes with dreams of creative gradeur to be incredibly hot. Or at least reasonably attractive. Well, it's a start. But yeah about the balls. Unless you're a horse or a housepet with a responsible owner, don't be afraid to flaunt what you've got. God knows I don't - for all my percieved smarts, I never forget I'm just a girl in this world with a 38-inch bustline and everything it gets me. Even us smart, independent women who aren't looking for a meal ticket like our men to be men. Really, on behalf of smart women I'm telling you, somewhere, someone will take that to the bank. Whatever it takes.


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