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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy belated birthday... me! Hey, I hit the one month mark yesterday and totally missed it. So my plans this weekend now include actually telling people about the blog. That was the deal, one month means I'm going to stick with it, means it's real, that it's a keeper. So now I can start to publicize it, to family, friends, the internet and The Errand Gang (an elite group of caring people...although we don't hook up like we used to, you know you are special and you know who you are). Weird, it feels like more than a month. Now, my next goal is to get listed on L.A. Blogs, but I can't even apply there until the blog is three months old, thems the L.A. blogrolling rules. So that means that what I'm looking forward to is I that will commence with rose parading on L.A. Blogs come Halloween. Funny, I've gone from furtively hiding my blogging from the world to being busted by Liz to wanting it out there for the world - at least my part of the world here in Southern California - to see. I don't blame the guy for the three month rule, it seems to work for him. But now I'm feeling greedy, I want in. Blogging, she is addictive.


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