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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's not television, it's Tivo!

Hopefully HBO will never know I ripped off/co-opted their slogan. Like they care. Are they even still using that one? It's a fine line between homage and plagiarism, isn't it? Because, "It isn't television, it's HBO" is brilliant. I'm happy for the opportunity to pay homage to it. I've been headed for the Tivo thing for the last couple of months and today I finally broke down and ordered it. It's coming from and I decided to spring for the extra fifty bucks and get the 140 hour model. The birthday Borders gift certificate from Lisa will offset the "Tivo for Dummies" book I also ordered. I did the research, 80 hours seemed fine initially but then I learned about the differences in screen quality affecting the number of hours you actually really have. Much like the now-archaic VCR tape. One tape, different number of hours available on said tape depending on desired picture quality. Ditto Tivo, apparently. Heh, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I got invaluable advice from this thread on, including the best advice of all as far as what model to buy: the biggest one you can afford. So hello 140 hour Tivo. Come to mommy. The email I got from Amazon indicates that they won't ship until August 8, but they have a tendency to be ultra-conservative on their anticipated ship dates, so it's possible it will ship much faster. Either way, I'll be eagerly awaiting my new shipment of TV crack. Programming this thing is going to be such a trip. Not to mention skipping past commercials. Yay! all around.


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