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Friday, August 12, 2005

It's a small world on the world wide web

The plan was, blog for a whole month and if I stuck with it then spread the news. Rather than make the big announcement that I was blogging and then never update the damn thing. I figured if I kept at it for a month, I would be in the habit and might actually follow through, something I'm not good at. I'm very good at starting things, many things, but not finishing them. Writer's Bootcamp, the best freaking screenwriting program in the world in which I am now historically a sad dropout, for example. Still the best program around, the best seven grand I ever spent, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I got everything and more than I ever expected from it. Just don't tell them I sent you. But it was okay blog-wise, because the posts aren't going to expire, they aren't going anywhere. Not to mention there is much polishing to do in the overall scheme of things on the overall look and design of the blog, even as I realized the pink was getting obnoxious, really, really obnoxious. Except for the obvious part about it being fitting in that I called the thing Rose Parade. Roses are my favorite flower, my birth flower (June) and I was born in Pasadena, plus there's the Elliott Smith "Rose Parade" song that I love so much that got me my URL when I found that simply "rose parade" was taken. Also, have you ever really looked at those floats? It's boggling what they do with just plants. So more than enough to justify it. And besides, who was going to see if I didn't tell anyone? We were floating all alone and anonymous on the web, my little blog and me. So this morning at work the aforementioned (in the BALLS post) Liz came to my desk and cheerfully informed me that she found my blog last night. Color me stunned and probably something close to lobster red, or at least obnoxiously pink like the blog. How had she done it? She hadn't, I had. I linked to her blog. And because she knows the blogging ropes while I'm a clueless newbie, she had the resources to see that someone - in this case me - had linked to her. Apparently there are a couple of ways to see this. Something to do with blogshare and eventually a tardy technorati site. I had no idea. I'll deal with them later. But we had lunch today, celebrated the third anniversary of her arrival in L.A. by ordering dessert, at which point the waitress looked at her funny and asked if she wanted it now. The hell? Come on, three years ago the girl drove cross country post-film school and I'm trying desperately not to make an ass of myself on the internet. Just give us our damn German Chocolate Cake already, you obviously out of work actress. We earned it. And we tipped her anyway. Because it was that good of a day. Lesson learned? The best way to find out if you can swim is to have someone throw you into the water. It wasn't how I planned it, not how I would have chosen it, but I think it may have worked. I think, I hope, because this blogging thing isn't going away. So thanks, Liz. On the other hand, listen to me. It's just a freaking blog, nothing to make excuses for. It's not like I'm posting immature crap like OMG teh hotness!!!1!11!!!! Yeah, I know that much about the web.


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