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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Not so Easy, is it

The Big Easy's woes continue. Learning that it is a city that is actually below sea level, I'm amazed it hasn't been flooded to death until now. Doesn't make the destruction and desperation and resulting human ugliness any easier to digest, but DAMN. Apparently the looting situation - which didn't take long to start - has escalated into something less noble than the will to survive in what has to be record time. In a situation like this, stealing food and water and diapers and other essentials is understandable. I'd do it, although I certaily wouldn't flaunt it on TV, and once back on my feet I would feel morally obligated to return to the scene of my desperate crime, wallet in hand, seeking to make amends. Looting the entire gun section of the local Wal-Mart? Helping oneself to big screen TVs or whatever electronics can be toted on ones back? Not so sympathetic. Store owners face loss and ruin too, robbing them of their livelihood under cover of natural disaster should be as shameful as robbing them when times are good. Only difference is that instead of coming home to damaged goods, they're coming home to no goods at all. Boy, did civility and civilization break down fast in New Orleans. Not to disrepect or make light of what people there are going through there, but DAMN. I don't remember hearing anything like this coming out of New York in the wake of 9/11. Maybe we've all just grown older and colder since then. Maybe we're just not as easily shocked. I was glad to hear earlier this evening that law enforcement was being dispatched to actually deal with the looters, who by and large aren't helping and are probably hurting the situation, definitely hurting it. We need to keep our humanity in the face of terror, man-made or otherwise. We did it, kept our humanity and our sense of decency at least for a significant period of time after 9/11. Hopefully New Orleans (and other areas wrecked by this storm) can do the same. I find myself wondering how decent folk reacted and expressed their outrage about the attack on Pearl Harbor back when the world was a very different place.


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