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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The obligatory Thursday night post

Because I am determined to blog on a regular basis and stick with it and not let it go like I do with everything else I don't finish. Which is everything. Okay. The Tivo arrived two days ago. Being a woman, I started reading the instructions. They were intimidating and promised a lengthy setup. Not just plug it in and watch it go as this Windows nation has been conditioned to expect. Also I have to reconfigure my entertainment center to include another box. As much as I want to program my Tivo, I have missed "South Park" last night and will miss "CSI" tonight. I guess it's gonna have to wait until the weekend. So glad tomorrow is Friday. For so many reasons, and it's not even a payday Friday. Also, my family situation continues to go insane. My divorced parents continue to unofficially stoke the teenage hots for each other (6-hour phone call? Uh, yeah). Except that this time, Mom is in charge. Because she can say the bitchslap what-I'm-really-thinking things I can't on account of he's my Dad the authority figure. Oh but man, at my age, with my sorry history, I am almost, kind of getting this close. Because I'm telling you, if I have to smile and nod through the story of the time he swam with the sea-turtle that pooped in his face like it's the first time I've heard it...let's just say, I swam with a sea-turtle once too. On Kailua, courtesy of Dad. But nobody pooped in my face and I don't button-hole everyone with my sea-turtle story. Maybe because I didn't piss one off enough to poop on me, Triumph style. To which I say, yay for me. Officially D-Day is August 24, the day Mom gets on a plane by herself and hits the five hour flight to Hawaii. She's being driven (seriously) to the Marriott at LAX the day before, I'm going to actually get in my car and deal with weeknight rush hour traffic to go over there and have dinner with her the night before she embarks upon her stranger-than-fiction Hawaiian holiday. I'm just glad that both my parents have enough of a sense of humor (they say) to actually want me to use this in my writing. Hey! Already done parental peeps! You guys are so in a short story I came up with last weekend. Now I just need to write it...and I will, don't you worry.


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