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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Great Los Angeles Power Failure of 2005

Yes, yes, I survived it. Actually, the power was only out in Hollywood a couple minutes. Liz and I were eating lunch at Baja Fresh when it happened, but we had our food so we figured we were set. Unfortunately, when we got back to the office security was discouraging everyone from taking the elevators even though they appeared to be working. You have to understand that our elevators do not inspire confidence on a good day, it's actually not unusual for people to get stuck on them. So Liz and I took the stairs up to the 11th floor. Great view, not such a hot location when the elevators aren't available. Never again. Those stairs kicked my ass. You've really got to feel for the poor saps who cut the wrong cables and knocked a huge chunk of L.A. out of commission. It's not like I've never made a mistake at work, but when I do it doesn't adversely affect an entire major metropolitan area.


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