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Friday, September 30, 2005


I can't sleep. In a couple hours, when I'm supposed to get up and get ready for work I'll be crashing. But right now I'm wide awake. God this sucks. The southland continues to burn. Here in the city, the Santa Anas have actually provided some startlingly pretty, very clear blue skies this week, but by late afternoon, from the 11th floor, you could see the thick layer of smoke off to the north-west, and smoke was also peeking over Mt. Lee (where the Hollywood sign is) coming over from the SF Valley. And then it happened. After work I hiked down to the grocery store on Sunset and on the way home, at the Hollywood and Fuller signal it hit me - the smell of smoke, acrid and woodsy and definitely not someone's yummy bar-b-que. I can only wonder what the skies are going to look like today when the sun comes up.


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