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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Lunch Lady

I just added a link for this. You must dial the number. It's Berkeley, in case you're wondering, so long distance accordingly. Was turned onto this earlier today by a couple of co-workers. We were especially struck by how she rushes through the actual menu so she can get to her song. Also, peruse the menu and notice how every single freaking lunch includes "mashed potatas and gravy". Look, I'm a meat and potatoes girl myself, but some things don't actual go with spuds in any of their many delicious incarnations. Fish, teriyaki pork, lasagna? Just no. If the residents of the Bancroft Convalescent Hospital rise up en masse and throttle whoever is responsible for the relentless presence of you know what on their lunch menu, I like to think there isn't a jury in the land that will convict them. Because there's only so much you can expect a person to take. But dial the number. You know you want to... In this era of brave new internet stars, the lunch lady loves ya, you know she does.


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