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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Heh. Our parents are still making nice-nice and Lisa is starting to crack via email: Help! I am being held hostage by two crazy middle aged people who never liked each other making nice-nice. It's about as creepy as it sounds. Believe me. No, i mean BELIEVE ME!!! All this sweetness and light is enough to make any sane person want to charge into her local post office, say, and go all.....well, all postal and stuff. You know what I mean? Signed, Grossed out in Paradise. My swift reply, caring type that I am: You have my sympathy. An offer to take your place on the other hand? Not really. Leave the people in the post office alone. It's not their fault. I've attached a little rant for when you need to vent. (attached rant emoticon that blogger wouldn't load) If she's not coming back (she being our mom) tell her I want her car and a bunch of stuff from the kitchen. Signed, 2500 miles away and loving it. It's called looking out for numero uno. Because my sanity is important too, you know.


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