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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stormwatch 2005!

It rained like an unseasonable mother last night and most of today. I woke up early in the am, while it was still dark. I could hear the rain hitting my air conditioner. It's a wall unit and hangs out far enough away from the building that I can hear the raindrops hitting it. That's how I always know when it's raining. I've lived in this little, crappy apartment for eight years and that's how I know when it's really raining in Southern California. And in unrelated news, I want my cat back. Damn. So I got up and opened up the sliding glass door and not only was it raining and not only is the cat still dead, but lightning lit up the sky and there was an uncommon amount of thunder well into the morning. Probably more than I've heard in combined storms for several years. I mean we just don't get storms like that here in L.A., even if we get the torrents we don't get the drama. It was kind of fun. I broke out the scarf, jacket, hat and desperately needing to be replaced umbrella that had planted itself in the corner of my front door for lo these many months, so that I would know where it was when I needed it. The only thing I forgot was gloves. From the lofty 11th floor we could see downtown, which seemed to be buried in a low lying smog fog, then was clear, then was obscured by cleaner fog...then, this repeated itself several times until late in the afternoon, when it all cleared out. I didn't even wear my jacket home, it was actually kind of warm around 6pm. Talked to the infatuated teenaged parents last night, nothing has changed. I should really be more sympathetic to Lisa. Except that Mom is coming home Sunday and Dad is following in a couple weeks. That's right. To visit my sick uncles (his bros) he says. And not to moon over my Mom. At least when I ordered his birthday present (something I actually think he doesn't already have) off of Amazon today, I can just have it sent to me and don't have to worry about shipping it to him. I am so getting dinner at Northwoods Inn in Arcadia out of this. In less important news, here is where I simutaneously revel in my city while agonizing over the longest three freaking months of my life: proving myself a worthwhile and devoted City of Angels blogger worthy of inclusion. Come Halloween I am all over this guy. In the meantime, Liz has managed to finally get him to update to her new URL, so you can follow her progress at least. And with that, goodnight!


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