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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday Hump Day Report A.W. (After Wilma)

The good: Mom and Dad called, they are in Kauai. Not Kona, where Dad lives, but island hopping. Mom is eating many, many tasty things that I cannot have on Weight Watchers, but which she needs to enjoy after spending too long living on soup due to dental issues. They are still having a blast. In related news, we're all gonna go play ice hockey in Hades! Grab your blades and sticks and gloves and let's go! The bad: I gave them the sad news about Wilma and they were both stunned and saddened. Tell me about it. Losing her sucks like few things have ever sucked before. I just wish I'd had that appreciation while she was still alive and kicking. I'm still not used to the idea of her being truly and completely gone. Mom was sick for a bit and therefore out of commission a few days, and as a result is trying to work with the airlines to extend her visit. She says. I really have no idea if or when she's coming back to the mainland. And I really don't care, it's up to them at this point. It's their life. I simply cannot imagine begruding anyone personal happiness, no matter how bizarre it may seem to me. I can roll with it. I just wish I was rolling with it with my cat.


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