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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wild Horses and the Burns Amendment

This piece of shit, aka The Burns Amendment, apparently snuck through legislature about a year ago with little to no public scrutiny. Given the state of the world I can't really blame the public for not noticing. The politician in question? I can really blame him. Asshole. I'm a horse lover and I just now stumbled across this tonight checking out some old links including this one for a wild horse sanctuary that I bookmarked some time back when I saw them profiled on an Animal Planet show. How ironic that this sleazy trick of sneaking legislation the author knows will be unpopular into an unrelated bill is known as a "rider". The whole point of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act was to protect these animals. They were already being killed off, that was the whole point of passing laws to protect them. The book I read as a horse-crazy girl about the hard work of Wild Horse Annie Bronn, no doubt romanticized to some degree but nonetheless important and factual in Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West by Marguerite Henry, a horse crazy girl's best friend, was exhausting at even a young age, the work that went into making protection of wild horses law wasn't lost even on a kid. Reading about Misty and Brighty was fun, reading about Sham, the Godolphin Arabian and tragic Kentucky Derby winner Black Gold was educational and historic, as heartbreaking as parts of their stories were. Reading about the fight to protect the mustangs was paying educational dues. It was the one book of Miss Henry's I never desired to own in childhood or adulthood because it made my beloved reading work, but I've never forgotten it and this terrible news brings it back in ways I never realized the importance of before. This one will get more attention from me, no doubt about it. I'm embarrassed I didn't know about it sooner. I stole the mustangs pic from the aforementioned website for Return to Freedom. As always, support them as best you can. And now I am totally missing Meadowlark. What a great horse. I want to go trail riding.

Consumerism at its finest!

Ah, sweet November! 11/1: Office Space - Special Edition with Flair. Heh. Yeah, I'm an office drone. 11/8: First new Kate Bush since, well, forever. 11/22: First new Enya in five years. 11/29: CSI Season 5 and March of the Penguins. Oh yeah, and Thanksgiving. It's gonna be a long, expensive month.

Weekend hockey bleatings

In any language, Pavol Demitra has been a huge aquisition for the Kings. After losing to San Jose Friday night, the Kings came back and beat St. Louis. Winning the second of back to back games is a good sign, but we should have had both those games. You can't go around losing to inferior teams in your own conference, beating the Sharks would have given us 18 points on the year, tying us for second overall in the NHL with Vancouver (Detroit finished the weekend at 22 points). As it stands now, we have 16 points, only 3 ahead of San Jose and Dallas in the Pacific. And beating the Blues is nothing to pat yourself on the back about. St. Louis blows. They have all of 6 points so far, tying them with Chicago and Atlanta as the worst teams in the NHL. Even Pittsburgh, God help them, has 7 points (5 of those coming from OTL, really sad). And will Murray please give LaBarbera the starting job already???

Fall back

While surfing some blogs this morning I finally found one that reminded me to set my clock back an hour. I'm such a freak about my free time (as there never seems to be enough of it) that I'm usually on top of this daylight savings time thing. So the good news is that I gain an hour today, the bad news is it will be dark by five o'clock. Last year the early darkness triggered some serious depression, although in all fairness there were other issues involved. Still, I hope that doesn't happen again, I'm perfectly capable of being depressed without anybody's help, thank you very much.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

From the Crescent City to the Golden State

Well, here's one way to get Los Angeles interested in rejoining the NFL: charge us with the care and feeding and warm fuzzies of the orphaned New Orleans Saints. Like we're gonna say no. I wonder if the Coliseum is close to the Red Line or Blue Line? Speaking of foreigners taking up residence in L.A., Boss of Melinda was thrilled as predicted by the White Sox winning of that World Series thingie. They last won it in 1917, followed by the Red Sox winning in 1918 (a feat not repeated until last year), followed by the Black Sox scandal in 1919. And apparently, it's been downhill ever since for the ChiSox. BTW, if you've never seen Eight Men Out, the story of the Black Sox scandal, I highly recommend it. John Sayles casting himself as Ring Lardner was priceless, as was the reaction of the owners to Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, inaugural Commissioner of Baseball, not only taking his job seriously but also wasting no time kicking ass and taking names. They elected him for appearances sake after the scandal broke but expected him to be no more than a figurehead. However the Judge had other ideas and baseball would never be the same. And until last night, neither would the White Sox. From the film: Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis: "Regardless of the verdict of juries... no player who throws a ball game... no player who undertakes, or promises to throw a game... no player who sits in conference with a bunch of crooked players and gamblers where the ways and means of throwing a ball game are discussed, and does not promptly tell his club about it... will ever play professional baseball again."
And that was that. Imagine what the Judge would have done with the steroid abusing idiots they've got in the league today.
Hey! The State of California wants you to claim your riches! I took a shot and apparently there's someone with the same first and last names (both unusual) and middle initial as me living in Canoga Park. But it's her, not me, who has $67.50 coming from the Commonwealth of Virginia via the Golden State. Go to the website and look yourself up. The State may be holding money and other valuable items you've forgotten about or just didn't know you had coming. Worst case scenario is that you come away empty handed but armed with the knowledge that there's someone in the Valley with your name.

Well, thank God that's over

White Sox win the World Series, which will make for a very happy Boss of Melinda today. If it couldn't be the Cubbies this is the next best thing. Yep, he's from Chicago, along with half of post-production it seems. What is it with these guys all coming to LA??? And they all know each other, it's just bizarre. Boss laughed when I made a "Chicago Mafia" reference to him one time. I wasn't talking about the Mob and I wasn't trying to be funny, either. Honestly, if it wasn't for the weather I'm convinced they would have moved the industry to Illinois by now. But now that baseball is over with, I can rag on him about how crappy the Blackhawks are. Yay!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kings (6-3-0-0) vs. Los Angeles Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (3-4-1-0)

First, let me say I still can't believe we lost to the Flames the other night. We should have had that one. Anyway, the game's about to start, so let's get quackin'. Sorry. No really, that was lame. We've got LaBarbera in goal. The Ducks have Ilya Bryzgalov. Great name, never heard of him. Giguere skated warmups but will backup, in a game this important that has to mean he isn't 100%. Heh. Tim Gleason looks like a Hobbit. A cute, young Hobbit, but a Hobbit nonetheless. Stromotion? WTF, and I mean that in a good way. We've come a long way since the glow puck, nice to see technology used for good instead of evil. That is trippy, I'm going to need to find a link to a description of that. Words fail me. Our PP is only 17th in the league, not the stuff of championships. The Ducks penalty kill is dead last in the league, so maybe we can work something out tonight to get out PP moving.

Teemu Selanne (I've always loved him, sue me) takes a penalty and our vaunted PP hits the ice. We don't score.

Now we score, now we don't! We do, but it's redirected by a high stick and it's waved off immediately.

NOW we finally score! 5 on 3, it's about freaking time. Right off the faceoff, Parros takes a penalty for high sticking. Now all he needs is a goal and an assist and he has another Gordie Howe hat trick.

Kings 1, Ducks 0 at the end of the first.

2nd period underway. Nashville Predators are now 8-0-0-0. What's up with the Preddies?

On the other hand, Pittsburgh lost tonight and they are now 0-5-4-0. Ouch. Poor Pens. Don't wish a start like that on anyone.

LaBarbera just robbed the Ducks. Make this guy a starter, please.

Eeek! Gleason just got high-sticked and injured! Sorry about the Hobbit crack!

Okay, apparently Gleason is okay. Thank you hockey Gods.

Le Luc scores and I'm probably going to bed at this point. We're winning. Damn, I'm lame.

So LaBarbera isn't going to get the shutout. We still won, 3-1. Give this guy the starting job already!

The Ducks just can't seem to win at Staples. I personally don't have a problem with that. Also, apparently we have another seven games with them this season, thanks to the league's scheduling weasels. Hopefully we can rack up some major points against them.

7-2. Not bad, not bad at all.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The latest Hollywood scandal

Best use of LAPD manpower EVER! Also, props to Defamer for their terrific coverage and linkage. Wouldn't have found the WSJ article without them. I had the great fortune to be strolling past Hollywood & Highland last week when this was all going down. Unfortunately, I was on my lunch hour and running a bit late so I couldn't stop to enjoy and worse, I didn't have my camera with me, although with all the cops around (and there were a lot of them) I'm not sure my photographic enthusiasm would have been welcome. Props to April Yi for getting a shot off. Also, it was fun observing the other "characters" milling around nervously, as though they were just waiting to be cuffed and busted. It was all very surreal and absolutely hysterical. The guy in the article who mentioned the over-the-top proliferation of "characters" patrolling the sidewalk in front of Hollywood & Highland and the Chinese Theater is spot on - it really has exploded the last few years. Supposedly the dueling Batmen or Supermen (can't remember which, it's that important) really came to blows last year. Then there was the time I walked into the Hollywood & Highland post office and the only other patron beside myself was The Cat in the Hat. It was during his 15 minutes. Hey, the Cat has bills to mail too, you know. Seriously, everytime I walk through that area - and I walk through there a lot - I find myself wishing these obviously unemployed actors would get something faintly resembling a real job. Even McDonalds would be a step up. The idea that they're roughing up tourists for dollar bills? Funny in theory, not in actuality. Seriously losers, at least look into gainful employment. Oh, and pay taxes while you're at it. Also, I can't understand how they can get away with the use of copyright characters, especially Mickey Mouse. Disney is notorious for not allowing this sort of crap. With all this bad publicity, I have a feeling that's gonna change soon. Shake-Me-Down Elmo? Surely the kind-hearted Jim Henson deserves a better legacy than this. Hopefully his survivors and estate will have high-powered, bloodthirsty industry lawyers on this pronto. And to think Elmo was cuffed just blocks away from the former A&M Records site now home to...wait for it...The Jim Henson Company. How sad is that? Although, I gotta say, the Captain Jack Sparrow guy? Really accurate. He can stay.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


So we had a quake last night in Santa Monica? I realize it was "only" a 3.0, but I'm not that far away and I didn't feel anything. Kind of eerie because just this week I had a conversation at work with John, our receptionist, about how we're probably due for a good-sized quake in Southern Cal. We haven't had a major quake since Northridge and that was January 1994. I lived in San Dimas at the time, got shaken hard but no damage. John lived in the valley at the time and his apartment building was destroyed. He asked me what I've done to prepare for the possiblity of a big quake, especially in terms of how I would get out of the city if necessary. The answer is "not much". So on my to-do list is gas up the car and get what passes for my earthquake kit updated (just how old is that bottle of water anyway?). I bought a first aid kit years ago but at this point everything except the bandages has expired. I used to keep extra cat food on hand but that obviously isn't necessary anymore (*sniffles*) but I don't have much in the way of non-perishable food on hand. Not that it would kill me to miss a few meals. But still, if the unthinkable happened and L.A. was devastated by a major quake, I'd feel like an idiot being unprepared after spending my entire life being advised to be ready.

Okay, I know it's early in the season, but...

The Kings continued their destruction of the enemy this week, beating the Avs in Colorado, then destroying Dallas, running roughshod over the Stars goalies. Being road games they both started before I got home from work, and the Dallas game in particular came in bits and pieces as I was trying to simultaneously watch the game, do a couple loads of laundry and write a lengthy and involved email to my sister. But I did get to see George Parros pull off the "Gordie Howe Hat Trick": a goal (his first in the NHL BTW), an assist, and a fight. You see, unlike Wayne Gretzky, Howe not only scored big, he also fought his own fights. No one had the title "Gordie Howe's Bodyguard". And he did it without a helmet! Tonight the Kings are back home to take on Calgary (3-5-1-0, 7 pts). I really thought the Flames would be better this year, plus they're coming off a loss last night in Dallas. The Kings players must be licking their chops right now. So with things going the way they have, I am now forced to contemplate two previously unthinkable possibilities: 1) L.A. Kings, NHL powerhouse? and 2) Jason LaBarbera, superstar? First up, the team: As of this morning, they are 6-2-0-0 with 12 points and first place in the Pacific. Overall Western Conference standings (with points):

  • Detroit (16)
  • Vancouver (15)
  • Nashville (14)
  • Los Angeles (12)
  • Minnesota (11)
  • Dallas (10)

Everyone else is in single digits. Worst are Chicago and Columbus, with 4 points each. The Mighty Ducks have 5 points. No teams in the Eastern Conference have more than 12 points (those with 12 being Ottawa, Buffalo and Montreal, all in the Northwest Division).

So how about a little respect in the power rankings? No? Putting the fourth best team #13? Below the 3-5-0 Bruins, just because some idiot wants his jail sentence to match Larry Bird's jersey number? And this has what to do with hockey? Oh, nevermind, I guess that knowledge is why Matt Romig writes for Yahoo Sports and I'm a wanna-be screenwriter with an unknown blog. Got it.

Now on to LaBabera. I repeat, I know the season is young and I definitely know how quickly team and individual fortunes can change in hockey, but that doesn't change the fact that the guy has come out of nowhere to be 4-0 with a 1.50 GAA and a .942 SV%. In four games he has faced 97 shots and has stopped 91 of them. There may be a #35 jersey in my future. Mathieu Garon (2-2) has also started four games, faced 95 shots and allowed 13 goals for a 3.24 GAA with an .863 SV%, not great but not hideous for a rookie either, actually better than I was expecting for the Kings overall. Look at it this way:

  • Nikolai Khabibulin (Chi) 2-4-0-0, 3.83 GAA, .849 SV% (this is the guy I coveted when the Hawks got him)
  • Manny Legace (Det) 8-1-0-0, 1.77 GAA, .925 SV% (always nice to see former Kings kick ass elsewhere *sigh*)
  • Manny Fernandez (Min) 3-0-0-1, 1.48 GAA, .956 SV% (apparently, it's a Manny thang)
  • Martin Brodeur (NJ) 3-2-0-2, 3.51 GAA, .879 SV%
  • Curtis Joseph (Phx) 3-3-0-0, 2.74 GAA, .908 SV%
  • Robert Luongo (Fla) 5-4-0-0, 2.24 GAA, .935 SV%
  • Jose Theodore (Mon) 5-2-0-0, 3.01 GAA, .874 SV%
  • Marty Turco (Dal) 4-3-0-0, 3.23 GAA, .881 SV%
  • Dan Cloutier (Van) 5-1-0-1, 3.12 GAA, .884 SV%
  • Ed Belfour (Tor) 3-2-0-2, 3.32 GAA, .879 SV%
  • Jean-Sebastian Giguere (Ana) 2-2-0-1, 2.49 GAA, .914 SV% (admittedly a guy I always dreamed of seeing in a Kings uniform, although he's out with a groin injury right now)

Just to name a few.

The two big questions now, as far as I'm concerned, it how long it's going to take Murray to ditch the goalie rotation and give LaBarbera the starting job and more importantly, how long LaB can keep up the insane play. Obviously his numbers will calm down a bit if he's getting the majority of the starts, but that's the key - just how good is he for real and how good will he stay over the long run? I'd like to find out sooner than later, but Murray is starting Garon tonight.

Go Kings!

Monday, October 17, 2005

The big ten with the back nine

A full season for a network TV series is 22 episodes (cable much less, more like six or seven to 13). So when a "Law & Order: Whatever", "CSI: Wherever", "Alias", "Cold Case", "Without a Trace", etc. comes back for a new season, the order is for 22-episodes. Enjoy. However, when a show is ordered to series from pilot (that's season 1 to you) what happens is that the network weasels, in kinda pre-damage-control mode (not wanting to give the impression that they may not really believe in their new shows but not wanting to personally hang themselves out to dry either) only officially order 13 episodes, which is still a magnanimous big deal when you think about it, shows getting cancelled after 1-1/2 airings and all. So being ordered to series doesn't actually mean a full season order. Which means that what you're really hoping for is an order for "the back 9". The order from the network for the additional nine episodes that, plus the initial 13 equals a full season. Which means that they're keeping your sorry ass around a bit longer, at full salary and benefits. Since I've spent much valuable time calling the cancellation derby (come on, "Night Stalker"!!! I still believe in you!!!), I thought I'd give some equal time and well-earned props to those who have earned their back 9...the few, the proud...and until tomorrow at least, the ten. In no particular order, you can at least count on these for a full first season: "Everybody Hates Chris" "My Name is Earl" "Prison Break" "Commander in Chief" (its well-publicized personal issues notwithstanding) "Ghost Whisperer" "Supernatural" "Surface" "How I Met Your Mother" "Bones" "Criminal Minds" Congrats to the survivors of the 2005-2006 fall season. And many more.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Look at all the pretty colors

Red and Gold Took the subway and Gold Line out to see my Mom and Dad in all their glorious togetherness for the first time today and it was strangely easy. We went to see my Uncle Bob in the hospital, despite being terminal he was surprisingly lucid and cheerful and chatty. I guess acceptance will do that for you. Not nearly as bad as I was dreading, which doesn't change the fact that he's dying. But it made it easier. I was relieved, I'm not good at that stuff. Then a way too good and so very non-Weight Watchers dinner at Northwoods in Arcadia. But everyone was happy. Sometimes you just have to take one for the non-dieting team. Purple and Silver and Black The colors of the Kings, whose schedule I lost track of this weekend. Riding the subway home tonight I spotted a trio of older gentlemen in my car clad in Kings jerseys and realized today was probably an early 5pm game. They didn't look especially cheery, so I figured we lost. However, turns out we beat the Columbus Blue Jackets (I'm going to leave the obvious BJ jokes for later in the season) and Jason LaBarbera of all people is undefeated on the season. Don't have details but you can't argue with results. Pinkeye I've had it, it isn't pink. But Comedy Central is running a "South Park" marathon and they just busted out the immortal Season 1 Halloween episode, which oddly enough, my Dad mentioned today. Coincidence? I think not. Well, probably, but so what. This episode kicked ass.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kings vs. Detroit Red Wings 10/13/05

Kings (3-1-0) (G Mathieu Garon) / Detroit (3-1-0) (G Manny Legace) Manny Legace! Talk about a blast from the past. Still subbing for the injured starter I see, gives me flashbacks to the days of Fiset and Storr. It's just his fate, but at least it's a living. I can't believe we're going into this game with a record identical to the Wings. Game on! Wings go on the PP, Kings kill it, their 14th consecutive penalty kill according to Bob Miller. I had no idea, but since they've been holding opposing teams scoring down it makes sense. Make that 15 consecutive penalties killed. Go us. Make that Wings 1, Kings 0, courtesy of Brendan Shanahan. And that's how the period ends. In the second, Avery the Professional Pest goes tweeners on Legace and it's tied. I have to admit I'm impressed, this certainly wasn't how I expected my game blogging experiment to go. It's hard to be snarky when they're playing so well and hanging so tough. Still tied in the second and CSI is on. Hang in there Kings! I'll be back in an hour! Flipped back to FSN during commercial break at about 9:45. Detroit just scored to go up 3-2. A little over four minutes to go in the third. Back to CSI, awesome episode, except for that freaking straw hat, WTF is up with that? It keeps coming back! It looks like something someone's grandmother would wear pruning rosebushes! But DAMN Clea Duvall was fascinating to watch. Add her to my list of people I'd love to work with. One of the things I've always loved about this show is how incredibly well they cast one-shot guest stars. It's like they put as much effort and thought into casting the guest players as they do the regulars. I could devote an entire entry to it, maybe one of these days I will. Let's just say I'd want them casting my project. Turns out final score is Wings 5, Kings 2. Ouch, but it's early in the season and not the end of the world. Watching the post-game dressing room interviews you'd think someone died, not lost a hockey game to one of the best teams in the league. Priorities, guys. You still have your health. Except you, Valeri Bure.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers 10/11/05

The Oilers are unbeaten. Even the mighty Detroit Red Wings finally lost (to Vancouver). I kind of wish Murray was starting Garon instead of LaBarbera and if we don't win this game I'm going to stick out my tongue and say I Told You So.

In the pre-game show: great look back at Luc Robitaille's brief tenure as team captain (Gretzky was out injured for a significant amount of time and a replacement had to be named). Ah, the good old silver and black days. The man is such a class act. It's going to be a dark, devastating day when he retires. Luuuuuuuuuc!!!!

Okay, the Chaser Plus ad? DO NOT encourage hockey fans to drink and drive, for crying out loud. Hockey games are parties disguised as sporting events. At least they're supposed to be.

Oh boy. Former St. Louis teammates Pavol Demitra (Kings) and Chris Pronger (Oilers) get ready to butt heads. I can't believe the Oil scored Pronger. St. Louis giving him up just gives him something to prove. And Lord knows he can deliver.

Bob and Jim!!! Yes!!! Love those guys. Trying not to be such a fan girl, but peeps, it's Bob and Jim!!!

Norris Trophy winner Chris Pronger takes the puck as the game starts and God damn how I miss Kings Norris Trophy winner Rob Blake. I will never forgive ownership (and management, for as much say as they had in the situation) for letting that guy get away. Blake should have been as much an eternal King as Robitaille. I lost mucho respect for Dave Taylor, another lifer, for toeing the company line on trading Blake instead of paying him the truckload of cash he's worth, or at least having the guts to bitch about it. Yeah, I do remember the whole testing the free agent market thing, but dude lived in L.A. and you can't blame a guy for wanting to test the waters to see what he's really worth. And on top of that, in the trade, we gave up Reinprecht, who I would give blood to see back in a Kings uni. And this is coming from someone who is seriously on the bandwagon that professional athletes are ridiculously overpaid. Also coming from someone who isn't dependent on the Kings organization for my paycheck, like certain people named Dave Taylor. But some people deserve the ridiculous big bucks. I hate that my team is just an entry in some mind-boggling rich guy's ledger. The same guy who decided that Blake wasn't worth paying, but through his production company Walden Media sank 80 million dollars into this piece-o-celluloid crapfest. You go, Philip Anschultz!

Hey, back to the actual hockey game. Holy crap, Craig MacTavish is the Oilers head coach. Wasn't he among the last of the great unhelmeted wonders? If so, damn I'm old.

Damn, Dustin Brown just took a retaliatory penalty. You don't want to do that.

Joe Corvo scores!!! Wish the FSN transmission is as effective, the picture and sound are taking turns cutting out and jittering. So glad I'm paying $75 bucks a month for cable!

(Closeup of Corvo on the bench) Bob Miller: Here's another shot of Corvo. Me: Holy crap, Corvo is a vampire!!! (seriously, dude has fangs!)

The Kings celebrate their goal by taking a penalty. The Oilers are apparently one of the best teams on the PP so far this year. Lovely. You go Eric Belanger.

Andre Bergeron scores on the PP for the Oilers and we are tied, 1-1.

Angels 3, White Sox 2. Props to Mike Scioscia and the men in red.

The horn blows and thank God this freaking period is over. I'm not going to last.

THANK YOU FANS inscribed on the ice. You better believe it, people. The NHL is lucky to have us back in ways there are not words to describe.

I got bored and tired and turned the game off, but we won 3-1. If this keeps up what's going to happen to our proud tradition of medocrity?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kings vs. Minnesota Wild 10/9/05

Kings 1-1 (G Mathieu Garon) / Wild 1-1 (G Manny Fernandez) Damn, Jim Fox never changes. He looks the same as when I first discovered hockey, back when he was a player. Andy Murray is now the winningest coach in Kings history, which should tell you something about Kings history. Actually, it tells you quite a lot about Kings history. The Wild beat Calgary in their first game. On the other hand, they gave Gretzky his first win as a coach last night, losing to the Yotes. With the back-to-back games I think we can take them, especially since Norstrom is supposed to be back. Hey! There's an actual singer for the National Anthem! And she sounds nice! Only caught the end of it but it sure beat the heavy metal instrumental version from opening night. Heh, the Wild also have a's Randy the Lesser Robitaille. No relation and all similarities end with the name on the back of the sweater. There's Norstrom! He's had the flu, can't be at 100% but it's good to see him out there anyway. Kings cough up the puck in their own zone and it's 1-0 Wild. And it remains that way at the end of the first period. Tried to run to the store between periods, ended up missing all but the end of the second, missed Belanger's goal. 1-1 tie after two. Between period highlights: Nineteen years ago tonight Luc Robitaille scored his first NHL goal. They showed that goal and a couple other early ones, including the one where he scored while flat out on his stomach. Eeek!!! Rookie, baby-face Luc and Marcel Dionne and Mark Hardy (now a Kings coach) in the old royal purple and gold unis!!! They also showed interview clips of Rob Blake (come back!) and Bernie Nicholls and I'm having flashbacks. Ah, nostalgia. Manny Fernandez injured his shoulder drying off after a shower? Dude, lame. Wild Head Coach Jacques Lemaire played twelve seasons with Montreal and won EIGHT FREAKING STANLEY CUPS??? Damn, that has to be some kind of record. Thanks to Bob and Jim for that tidbit. Dude, seriously, EIGHT STANLEY CUPS!!! Holy shit. Let's talk about a cool spot: The EA Sports NHL '06 spot is freaking awesome. A young girl alone in the house late at night, innocent, vulnerable, an old-school/horror flick goalie mask looming ominously in the window behind her...revealed to be a fully-clad Toronto Maple Leafs goalie. GIRL: Awesome! Hockey is back! GOALIE waves unthreateningly from the other side of the sliding glass door. Give someone an award for that one. SHIT. Tied with 1-minute plus to go and Corvo draws a freaking delay of game penalty. Dude! Okay, the new rules re: ties. The traditional five minutes of sudden-death OT is 4 on 4, then the shootout commences. And since MIN is on the PP, it's 4 on 3 as sudden-death OT commences. Thing is, if no one wins after five minutes of OT, they go to what would be the first shootout in Kings history. Oh, but not yet. Pavol Demitra scores in OT and KINGS WIN!!! 2-1 And with that... bring on the Oilers!

The Hollywood Report for October 9

Hey! The Virgin Megastore at Hollywood & Highland is open! Clutches debit card to bosom and whimpers. It wasn't supposed to open until the 13th. Maybe I misunderstood and the 13th is the official grand opening with festivities or something like that. Maybe they just got done early and decided to throw the doors open. Whatever the story, my bank account is going to take a major hit this week. Apparently the networks are spinning crappy ratings. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. Speaking of crappy ratings, casualty #3 of the new season is "Inconceivable". Come on "Night Stalker"!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Do you really want to snort me?

Is this the face of a man who would do blow? Yes it is. What a shame. I really liked Culture Club's music. It's sad to see anyone trash themselves like this, even more so when it represents the throwing away of geniune talent.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Donate, bitches!

Okay, it's not like I actually think anyone is reading this blog right now, but can I at some point get a belated "Hell, yeah!" for Boobie-Thon, a terrific effort and worthy cause. Liz not only donated her awareness but her participation as well, if you know what I mean. Next year peeps, next year... Go ahead. Go to Liz's blog (Everyday Goddess in the sidebar) and click on the girls. You know you want to.

Finding my religion

Today I was touched by His Noodly Appendage! And my afternoon was never the same. Hallelujah! How the hell did I miss that? Better late than never I guess, although I'm pretty sure I'd look like an idiot in full pirate regalia. And on this same day, He begat this fine work of art via a true believer. Who posted instructions for making your own Flying Spaghetti Monster Brooch on her website. Prompting Liz (who started it all by hepping me to Pastafarianism at lunch today) to head for Michael's after work for supplies. I'm sure I'll get to see the results next week. Sure, go ahead and laugh. But the Kings won last night and the only explanation can be divine intervention. Hence the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Go ahead, argue with that logic. I dare you.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kings vs. Phoenix Coyotes 10/6/05

Luuuuuuuuuc!!!! David Courtney: "Ladies and gentlemen, let's meet your 2005-2006 Los Angeles Kings!" No kidding. I don't recognize most of the names Courtney is rattling off right now. Christ, it's our home opener and Jason LaBarbera is our starting goalie. That's just sad. Roenick is playing to the camera, I can't believe it took him this long to become a King. He's more L.A. than I am. FSN West is already having sound problems, not promising. And now some hippie is going to play the National Anthem on electric guitar. And he does and it sucks. Me no likey. I know it's a hard song to sing, but couldn't they find anyone in L.A. who could do it? At least Cujo isn't starting. According to Foxy it's only LaBarbera's sixth NHL game, but the Yotes goalie is making his NHL debut. Poor guy, but on the other hand if he crumbles Phoenix will bust out Cujo and we don't want that either. Holy crap - Sean O'Donnell is a Coyote. I had no idea. Man, Gretzky is sucking as a coach so far. Lost last night and screwed up the lineup card tonight. Rookie. However there is good news on the hockey front: Fuji-san got a haircut!

I'm still calling "Night Stalker" soon, but...

Apparently Jerry Bruckheimer isn't infallible: "Just Legal" is the second casualty of the season. I'm actually kind of surprised given that it was on the WB, I don't see them as being in a position to give up on a Bruckheimer show so quickly.

In my dreams

Another hockey season, another mediocre team. Here's what I want for the Kings: 1) The return of Rob Blake. Actually, if a time machine can be located, just undo the trade altogether. He never left. 2) An elite goalie. I don't care who as long as he kicks ass. 3) A coach who doesn't answer to Andy Murray or Barry Melrose. An older, wiser Larry Robinson would be more than acceptable. Well, at least it was nice to see Marty McSorley on the post-game show. Mom and I had been wondering where he'd gotten to. Speaking of Melrose, saw him on ESPN and he's as oily as ever. What's really sad is that we may be totally upstaged by the Mighty Ducks this year. They're looking surprisingly good, maybe not great, but certainly not bad. If Giguere gets it together this year they may kick some serious tail. Tonight: Wayne Gretzky and the Yotes come to town. Oh joy.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Family isn't a word, it's a SENTENCE

I wish I'd written that, but it's actually the tagline to a great flick (click on the entry title to see which one). Saw both sick uncles this weekend and for guys being treated for cancer they both looked surprisingly good. Hope that holds. Also spent some quality time with Mom, always a good thing even if the circumstances suck, and I got a lot of re-writing done on the "Catfight" script, which I hadn't touched in ages, rank amateur that I am. I may just have to ride the Red and Gold lines for the sake of getting some writing done. Also, there was lots of quality Mexican food involved and I got to drive my future car (cheating on the little blue Corolla - yep!), so the weekend couldn't have been a total waste, right? On the other hand, there is always the "real life smacks you in the face with the reminder that some things never change" aspect to my weekend. But, live and learn, you know? They say the devil you know is better than the devil you don't, or something like that. Knowledge is power, and since my people skills suck, I need all the ammo I can get. I know it's cryptic, but it makes perfect sense to me and that's what's important. I am forewarned and forearmed. I think that's how it goes.