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Sunday, October 23, 2005


So we had a quake last night in Santa Monica? I realize it was "only" a 3.0, but I'm not that far away and I didn't feel anything. Kind of eerie because just this week I had a conversation at work with John, our receptionist, about how we're probably due for a good-sized quake in Southern Cal. We haven't had a major quake since Northridge and that was January 1994. I lived in San Dimas at the time, got shaken hard but no damage. John lived in the valley at the time and his apartment building was destroyed. He asked me what I've done to prepare for the possiblity of a big quake, especially in terms of how I would get out of the city if necessary. The answer is "not much". So on my to-do list is gas up the car and get what passes for my earthquake kit updated (just how old is that bottle of water anyway?). I bought a first aid kit years ago but at this point everything except the bandages has expired. I used to keep extra cat food on hand but that obviously isn't necessary anymore (*sniffles*) but I don't have much in the way of non-perishable food on hand. Not that it would kill me to miss a few meals. But still, if the unthinkable happened and L.A. was devastated by a major quake, I'd feel like an idiot being unprepared after spending my entire life being advised to be ready.


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