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Thursday, October 06, 2005

In my dreams

Another hockey season, another mediocre team. Here's what I want for the Kings: 1) The return of Rob Blake. Actually, if a time machine can be located, just undo the trade altogether. He never left. 2) An elite goalie. I don't care who as long as he kicks ass. 3) A coach who doesn't answer to Andy Murray or Barry Melrose. An older, wiser Larry Robinson would be more than acceptable. Well, at least it was nice to see Marty McSorley on the post-game show. Mom and I had been wondering where he'd gotten to. Speaking of Melrose, saw him on ESPN and he's as oily as ever. What's really sad is that we may be totally upstaged by the Mighty Ducks this year. They're looking surprisingly good, maybe not great, but certainly not bad. If Giguere gets it together this year they may kick some serious tail. Tonight: Wayne Gretzky and the Yotes come to town. Oh joy.


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