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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kings vs. Detroit Red Wings 10/13/05

Kings (3-1-0) (G Mathieu Garon) / Detroit (3-1-0) (G Manny Legace) Manny Legace! Talk about a blast from the past. Still subbing for the injured starter I see, gives me flashbacks to the days of Fiset and Storr. It's just his fate, but at least it's a living. I can't believe we're going into this game with a record identical to the Wings. Game on! Wings go on the PP, Kings kill it, their 14th consecutive penalty kill according to Bob Miller. I had no idea, but since they've been holding opposing teams scoring down it makes sense. Make that 15 consecutive penalties killed. Go us. Make that Wings 1, Kings 0, courtesy of Brendan Shanahan. And that's how the period ends. In the second, Avery the Professional Pest goes tweeners on Legace and it's tied. I have to admit I'm impressed, this certainly wasn't how I expected my game blogging experiment to go. It's hard to be snarky when they're playing so well and hanging so tough. Still tied in the second and CSI is on. Hang in there Kings! I'll be back in an hour! Flipped back to FSN during commercial break at about 9:45. Detroit just scored to go up 3-2. A little over four minutes to go in the third. Back to CSI, awesome episode, except for that freaking straw hat, WTF is up with that? It keeps coming back! It looks like something someone's grandmother would wear pruning rosebushes! But DAMN Clea Duvall was fascinating to watch. Add her to my list of people I'd love to work with. One of the things I've always loved about this show is how incredibly well they cast one-shot guest stars. It's like they put as much effort and thought into casting the guest players as they do the regulars. I could devote an entire entry to it, maybe one of these days I will. Let's just say I'd want them casting my project. Turns out final score is Wings 5, Kings 2. Ouch, but it's early in the season and not the end of the world. Watching the post-game dressing room interviews you'd think someone died, not lost a hockey game to one of the best teams in the league. Priorities, guys. You still have your health. Except you, Valeri Bure.


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