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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers 10/11/05

The Oilers are unbeaten. Even the mighty Detroit Red Wings finally lost (to Vancouver). I kind of wish Murray was starting Garon instead of LaBarbera and if we don't win this game I'm going to stick out my tongue and say I Told You So.

In the pre-game show: great look back at Luc Robitaille's brief tenure as team captain (Gretzky was out injured for a significant amount of time and a replacement had to be named). Ah, the good old silver and black days. The man is such a class act. It's going to be a dark, devastating day when he retires. Luuuuuuuuuc!!!!

Okay, the Chaser Plus ad? DO NOT encourage hockey fans to drink and drive, for crying out loud. Hockey games are parties disguised as sporting events. At least they're supposed to be.

Oh boy. Former St. Louis teammates Pavol Demitra (Kings) and Chris Pronger (Oilers) get ready to butt heads. I can't believe the Oil scored Pronger. St. Louis giving him up just gives him something to prove. And Lord knows he can deliver.

Bob and Jim!!! Yes!!! Love those guys. Trying not to be such a fan girl, but peeps, it's Bob and Jim!!!

Norris Trophy winner Chris Pronger takes the puck as the game starts and God damn how I miss Kings Norris Trophy winner Rob Blake. I will never forgive ownership (and management, for as much say as they had in the situation) for letting that guy get away. Blake should have been as much an eternal King as Robitaille. I lost mucho respect for Dave Taylor, another lifer, for toeing the company line on trading Blake instead of paying him the truckload of cash he's worth, or at least having the guts to bitch about it. Yeah, I do remember the whole testing the free agent market thing, but dude lived in L.A. and you can't blame a guy for wanting to test the waters to see what he's really worth. And on top of that, in the trade, we gave up Reinprecht, who I would give blood to see back in a Kings uni. And this is coming from someone who is seriously on the bandwagon that professional athletes are ridiculously overpaid. Also coming from someone who isn't dependent on the Kings organization for my paycheck, like certain people named Dave Taylor. But some people deserve the ridiculous big bucks. I hate that my team is just an entry in some mind-boggling rich guy's ledger. The same guy who decided that Blake wasn't worth paying, but through his production company Walden Media sank 80 million dollars into this piece-o-celluloid crapfest. You go, Philip Anschultz!

Hey, back to the actual hockey game. Holy crap, Craig MacTavish is the Oilers head coach. Wasn't he among the last of the great unhelmeted wonders? If so, damn I'm old.

Damn, Dustin Brown just took a retaliatory penalty. You don't want to do that.

Joe Corvo scores!!! Wish the FSN transmission is as effective, the picture and sound are taking turns cutting out and jittering. So glad I'm paying $75 bucks a month for cable!

(Closeup of Corvo on the bench) Bob Miller: Here's another shot of Corvo. Me: Holy crap, Corvo is a vampire!!! (seriously, dude has fangs!)

The Kings celebrate their goal by taking a penalty. The Oilers are apparently one of the best teams on the PP so far this year. Lovely. You go Eric Belanger.

Andre Bergeron scores on the PP for the Oilers and we are tied, 1-1.

Angels 3, White Sox 2. Props to Mike Scioscia and the men in red.

The horn blows and thank God this freaking period is over. I'm not going to last.

THANK YOU FANS inscribed on the ice. You better believe it, people. The NHL is lucky to have us back in ways there are not words to describe.

I got bored and tired and turned the game off, but we won 3-1. If this keeps up what's going to happen to our proud tradition of medocrity?


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