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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kings vs. Minnesota Wild 10/9/05

Kings 1-1 (G Mathieu Garon) / Wild 1-1 (G Manny Fernandez) Damn, Jim Fox never changes. He looks the same as when I first discovered hockey, back when he was a player. Andy Murray is now the winningest coach in Kings history, which should tell you something about Kings history. Actually, it tells you quite a lot about Kings history. The Wild beat Calgary in their first game. On the other hand, they gave Gretzky his first win as a coach last night, losing to the Yotes. With the back-to-back games I think we can take them, especially since Norstrom is supposed to be back. Hey! There's an actual singer for the National Anthem! And she sounds nice! Only caught the end of it but it sure beat the heavy metal instrumental version from opening night. Heh, the Wild also have a's Randy the Lesser Robitaille. No relation and all similarities end with the name on the back of the sweater. There's Norstrom! He's had the flu, can't be at 100% but it's good to see him out there anyway. Kings cough up the puck in their own zone and it's 1-0 Wild. And it remains that way at the end of the first period. Tried to run to the store between periods, ended up missing all but the end of the second, missed Belanger's goal. 1-1 tie after two. Between period highlights: Nineteen years ago tonight Luc Robitaille scored his first NHL goal. They showed that goal and a couple other early ones, including the one where he scored while flat out on his stomach. Eeek!!! Rookie, baby-face Luc and Marcel Dionne and Mark Hardy (now a Kings coach) in the old royal purple and gold unis!!! They also showed interview clips of Rob Blake (come back!) and Bernie Nicholls and I'm having flashbacks. Ah, nostalgia. Manny Fernandez injured his shoulder drying off after a shower? Dude, lame. Wild Head Coach Jacques Lemaire played twelve seasons with Montreal and won EIGHT FREAKING STANLEY CUPS??? Damn, that has to be some kind of record. Thanks to Bob and Jim for that tidbit. Dude, seriously, EIGHT STANLEY CUPS!!! Holy shit. Let's talk about a cool spot: The EA Sports NHL '06 spot is freaking awesome. A young girl alone in the house late at night, innocent, vulnerable, an old-school/horror flick goalie mask looming ominously in the window behind her...revealed to be a fully-clad Toronto Maple Leafs goalie. GIRL: Awesome! Hockey is back! GOALIE waves unthreateningly from the other side of the sliding glass door. Give someone an award for that one. SHIT. Tied with 1-minute plus to go and Corvo draws a freaking delay of game penalty. Dude! Okay, the new rules re: ties. The traditional five minutes of sudden-death OT is 4 on 4, then the shootout commences. And since MIN is on the PP, it's 4 on 3 as sudden-death OT commences. Thing is, if no one wins after five minutes of OT, they go to what would be the first shootout in Kings history. Oh, but not yet. Pavol Demitra scores in OT and KINGS WIN!!! 2-1 And with that... bring on the Oilers!


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