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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kings vs. Phoenix Coyotes 10/6/05

Luuuuuuuuuc!!!! David Courtney: "Ladies and gentlemen, let's meet your 2005-2006 Los Angeles Kings!" No kidding. I don't recognize most of the names Courtney is rattling off right now. Christ, it's our home opener and Jason LaBarbera is our starting goalie. That's just sad. Roenick is playing to the camera, I can't believe it took him this long to become a King. He's more L.A. than I am. FSN West is already having sound problems, not promising. And now some hippie is going to play the National Anthem on electric guitar. And he does and it sucks. Me no likey. I know it's a hard song to sing, but couldn't they find anyone in L.A. who could do it? At least Cujo isn't starting. According to Foxy it's only LaBarbera's sixth NHL game, but the Yotes goalie is making his NHL debut. Poor guy, but on the other hand if he crumbles Phoenix will bust out Cujo and we don't want that either. Holy crap - Sean O'Donnell is a Coyote. I had no idea. Man, Gretzky is sucking as a coach so far. Lost last night and screwed up the lineup card tonight. Rookie. However there is good news on the hockey front: Fuji-san got a haircut!


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