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Monday, October 24, 2005

The latest Hollywood scandal

Best use of LAPD manpower EVER! Also, props to Defamer for their terrific coverage and linkage. Wouldn't have found the WSJ article without them. I had the great fortune to be strolling past Hollywood & Highland last week when this was all going down. Unfortunately, I was on my lunch hour and running a bit late so I couldn't stop to enjoy and worse, I didn't have my camera with me, although with all the cops around (and there were a lot of them) I'm not sure my photographic enthusiasm would have been welcome. Props to April Yi for getting a shot off. Also, it was fun observing the other "characters" milling around nervously, as though they were just waiting to be cuffed and busted. It was all very surreal and absolutely hysterical. The guy in the article who mentioned the over-the-top proliferation of "characters" patrolling the sidewalk in front of Hollywood & Highland and the Chinese Theater is spot on - it really has exploded the last few years. Supposedly the dueling Batmen or Supermen (can't remember which, it's that important) really came to blows last year. Then there was the time I walked into the Hollywood & Highland post office and the only other patron beside myself was The Cat in the Hat. It was during his 15 minutes. Hey, the Cat has bills to mail too, you know. Seriously, everytime I walk through that area - and I walk through there a lot - I find myself wishing these obviously unemployed actors would get something faintly resembling a real job. Even McDonalds would be a step up. The idea that they're roughing up tourists for dollar bills? Funny in theory, not in actuality. Seriously losers, at least look into gainful employment. Oh, and pay taxes while you're at it. Also, I can't understand how they can get away with the use of copyright characters, especially Mickey Mouse. Disney is notorious for not allowing this sort of crap. With all this bad publicity, I have a feeling that's gonna change soon. Shake-Me-Down Elmo? Surely the kind-hearted Jim Henson deserves a better legacy than this. Hopefully his survivors and estate will have high-powered, bloodthirsty industry lawyers on this pronto. And to think Elmo was cuffed just blocks away from the former A&M Records site now home to...wait for it...The Jim Henson Company. How sad is that? Although, I gotta say, the Captain Jack Sparrow guy? Really accurate. He can stay.


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