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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Look at all the pretty colors

Red and Gold Took the subway and Gold Line out to see my Mom and Dad in all their glorious togetherness for the first time today and it was strangely easy. We went to see my Uncle Bob in the hospital, despite being terminal he was surprisingly lucid and cheerful and chatty. I guess acceptance will do that for you. Not nearly as bad as I was dreading, which doesn't change the fact that he's dying. But it made it easier. I was relieved, I'm not good at that stuff. Then a way too good and so very non-Weight Watchers dinner at Northwoods in Arcadia. But everyone was happy. Sometimes you just have to take one for the non-dieting team. Purple and Silver and Black The colors of the Kings, whose schedule I lost track of this weekend. Riding the subway home tonight I spotted a trio of older gentlemen in my car clad in Kings jerseys and realized today was probably an early 5pm game. They didn't look especially cheery, so I figured we lost. However, turns out we beat the Columbus Blue Jackets (I'm going to leave the obvious BJ jokes for later in the season) and Jason LaBarbera of all people is undefeated on the season. Don't have details but you can't argue with results. Pinkeye I've had it, it isn't pink. But Comedy Central is running a "South Park" marathon and they just busted out the immortal Season 1 Halloween episode, which oddly enough, my Dad mentioned today. Coincidence? I think not. Well, probably, but so what. This episode kicked ass.


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