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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Weekend hockey bleatings

In any language, Pavol Demitra has been a huge aquisition for the Kings. After losing to San Jose Friday night, the Kings came back and beat St. Louis. Winning the second of back to back games is a good sign, but we should have had both those games. You can't go around losing to inferior teams in your own conference, beating the Sharks would have given us 18 points on the year, tying us for second overall in the NHL with Vancouver (Detroit finished the weekend at 22 points). As it stands now, we have 16 points, only 3 ahead of San Jose and Dallas in the Pacific. And beating the Blues is nothing to pat yourself on the back about. St. Louis blows. They have all of 6 points so far, tying them with Chicago and Atlanta as the worst teams in the NHL. Even Pittsburgh, God help them, has 7 points (5 of those coming from OTL, really sad). And will Murray please give LaBarbera the starting job already???


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