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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kings (12-6-1, 25 pts) vs. Vancouver Canucks (12-5-2, 26 pts) 11/17/05

Goalies: Mathieu Garon (4-4-0, GAA 2.44) vs. Dan Cloutier (7-2-1, GAA 3.02) Heh, for a few minutes there I thought Vancouver's ploy to shut out the Kings by keeping us on the power play was going to work. Fortunately, after flaking on the first two PP's, Visnovsky scored on the third (a 5 on 3) and fourth chance. That makes us 4 for 13 with a two man advantage this season. Not good. 2-0 Kings at the end of the first. I bet Van's coach rips them a new one about taking so many damn penalties. 2nd period: Apparently not, and we score again! Cammy this time, and Demitra gets his third assist of the night. Four is his career high. Yay Pavol with the assist hat trick! Shit. Parros injured his ankle in the first and won't come back. Hope it isn't serious. Todd Bertuzzi. What a freaking disgrace. Shouldn't be in the league. How galling does it have to be for Steve Moore to see Bertuzzi playing. The Canucks score and it's 3-1 Kings with "CSI" about to start. Hang in there guys, I'll be back in an hour (and checking in during commercials). And not checking in during commercials. Oh Brass, how you tear me apart and make me cry like Nancy Kerrigan. And the Kings won, which dries my big blues and sends me off happy into this Thursday night.


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