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Monday, November 28, 2005

Kings (16-7-1) vs. Detroit Red Wings (17-6-2)

Blogging, watching the game and making spaghetti sauce. Check me out, I'm multi-tasking. Heh. Damn, I didn't realize our record is nearly identical to the Wings. Especially since two of our losses were to them. If we beat them tonight I will officially crown the Kings an elite team. Do you have any idea how insufferable I will be with an elite hockey team? I'm entitled to it, having been a Kings fan since 1987, prior to the Gretzky trade. On the other hand, our record notwithstanding, the power play is still a big concern. Because, basically, it sucks like a big sucking thing. Jason LaBarbera is our man in net tonight. Wings are starting a rookie, I heard that Legace got hurt. His name is Jimmy Howard and unless I heard incorrectly, this is his first NHL start. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Come on guys. Mattias Norstrom was honored for logging the most games of any Kings defenseman. Not to take props from Matty, but Blake should never have been traded, so I'm not thrilled with this particular stat. LOL, some random Wing scored on his own goalie. And not just a ricochet off his stick or skate, but a direct shot on his own goal. Unfortunately, as Bob and Jim pointed out after seeing the replay, it went in the side of the net and does not count. Too bad. Oh man, that Carls Jr. milkshake commercial seriously freaked me out. Even In-and-Out may not be able to save me. The fine folks at Let's Go Kings are working on a Kings drinking game. Our power play alone is reason enough to drink. End of the first and we are scoreless. Come on guys, you can do it! He's a rookie! HAMMER HIM!!! Holy f'ing you know what!!! A penalty shot!!! AND JOE CORVO SCORES!!! That would prove to be the highlight of the game. The Wings continue to own us, they beat us with a goalie making his NHL debut and we haven't beaten them in ten games. The Kings not busting out their A-game certainly didn't help matters, and now they have a tough road trip coming up. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end. This bit from the L.A. Times says it all: In an opportunity to prove their worth against a long-time nemesis, the Kings showed only that they aren't ready for elite status just yet in a 5-2 loss in front of 18,118 on Monday night in Staples Center.


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