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Monday, November 07, 2005

Miss Crankypants here

Mondays suck in general, but I was especially pissy this morning. So not in the mood to shift into office drone status, but then again I never am. My brother, who has also been in a rut, actually seems to think this week won't be so bad and I hope he's right, but I really doubt it. God damn, why do weekends have to be so short? I want to work two days then be off five. At full salary. Also irritating the hell out of me are the countless recorded messages I'm being bombarded with thanks to the upcoming elections. If I wanted Barbara Boxer, Richard Riordan and every freaking proposition on the ballot to have my phone number I would have given it to them myself. This is why I'm on the Do Not Call List - because unsolicited calls are intrusive and rude and annoying. I probably should have listened to them more closely instead of hanging up or deleting them right away, so I would know who to vote against. Disrespecting my privacy is a good way not to get me on your side. But there was one little bright spot today - this made me laugh my ass off, even though it's just so very wrong. I hope they sell this stuff, I'll buy at least two: one of the novelty and conversational value and one to sell on ebay. No way I'm actually going to try to gag that stuff down though, not with that offputting label. I should print that out and stick it on my refrigerator, that should put me off a few meals that I could stand to miss.


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