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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Penalties R Us

Christ almighty. They're on the road, so by the time I worked late, went to the grocery store, got home and made a couple of brief phone calls we're losing to Phoenix 4-0 late in the second. Then Gleason and Conroy go off hurt, Robitaille is already out and LaBarbera gets yanked for Garon to start the third. Come on, man. It seems like the Kings have taken about a dozen penalties since I tuned in, including a two man disadvantage we just managed to kill. But at this point there's only about 5 minutes left and all we can do is try to score so we don't get shut out. The only positive is that Gleason came back in the third, so we don't lose him to injury. Thank freaking God. And now, I am officially sick to f'ing death of the Yotes howl. It's no "I Love L.A.", that's for sure. Cujo gets his 45th career shutout at our expense. Screw you Gretzky. But about those Pens?


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