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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Santa Claus in Hollywood

The man himself touched down on Hollywood Boulevard earlier tonight and DAMN that was one fantastic Santa. Thanks, NORAD, for the tracking updates. Nice to know that some of my tax dollars are being put to good use. In case you're wondering, I wussed out and watched the parade from the comfort of my living room despite the fact that you can all but see my apartment building from KTLA's vantage point. I did have the decency to regret it, especially when the Rancho Jimenez Andalusians showed up. Me want. And who is this Mark Steines and Lu Parker who KTLA entrusted with hosting duties? They're certainly no Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks. Next year, get someone who can form complete sentences and think on their feet. Seriously, KTLA management peeps, if you're going to do something (like broadcast this parade) do it right. I can deal with actors playing fictional characters who can't function IRL without a script. Hosts? Not so much. I hope that in the future the Hollywood Christmas Parade deserves and gets better.


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