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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Gold

Thanks to the Gold Line, I missed the standstill traffic on the 210 (my brother: not so lucky) and spent Thanksgiving with my Dad at my uncle's apartment in Arcadia. Visited same uncle at the nearby hospice where he's spending what little is left of his life. Seriously people, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes in large, consistent quantities will take their toll. Speaking of L.A. Metro, I wish we had more/better public transportation around here (in other words, "not buses"). I would dump the car if we did. Yes me, a native Southern Californian, can actually imagine a vehicle-free existence. The Red and Gold Lines are that good. I was able to relax with that copy of Shakespeare for Dummies that I've been meaning to get to. Seriously, it's not hard to follow when someone explains it in simple, modern-day English, one of the reasons I always loved Looking for Richard so much. That's actually my train in the picture, I snapped it quickly before boarding. Just off to my right was an officer chatting up a couple of guys with a very nice movie camera, asking all interested-like what their "documentary" is about and explaining in that 'I'm your friend even as I ticket you' tone that they apparently teach at police academy the difference between commercial and non-commercial filming. Like these guys don't know what a permit is. Heh. I wonder if he let them off with a warning in the spirit of the holiday. The original plan for Thanksgiving was to have dinner at North Woods in Arcadia (or San Gabriel, whatever) but it turns out they're closed on Thanksgiving. Being a family-owned place, it makes sense, but we were kind of bummed. So Dad made his legendary tacos instead. Yum! I don't really care about missing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I'm not really in the holiday spirit right now. I'm trying to, but it's just not happening. Maybe later. Maybe not.


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