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Sunday, November 13, 2005

With friends like these...

So Lisa and Liz have been badgering/inviting me to join them on Friendster and tonight I finally broke down and signed up. Because if there's anything I need it's another reason to spend more time online. Seriously, my phone bill (and lack of a life) is starting to scare me. After a rocky start (during which I would have appreciated being tipped not to use my personal email address, you know the one with my full name that I only give to people I know personally) I managed to upload a couple of pictures and damn, do they have a buttload of ads (not terribly ladylike, I know but DAMN), also I tried to search for groups interested in writing and it gave me individuals interested in writing, which I was not looking for. Apparently I have to go through all 64 pages of Literature and Arts groups to find the ones devoted to writing. So far, gotta say I'm not impressed. Not gonna wade through 64 pages of anything (especially on dialup), I already knew Lisa's birthday is coming up and I see Liz every weekday so it's not like I have to get online to hear what's going on in her world. On the other hand, there's L.A. Blogs, a community I have been dying to join since starting this blog, hell it's one of the reasons I stuck with it, and weeks after requesting to be added I still haven't gotten a response from the guy. Screw Friendster, I want to be on L.A. Blogs. I didn't do a goddamn thing this weekend, certainly didn't go to the Screenwriting Expo like the wanna-be professional I am, although Liz did and will have a fascinating take on it I'm sure. I did manage to get through the first disc of the new Kate Bush double CD and DAMN, she sounds better than ever. "King of the Mountain" kicks some serious ass. I just hope she doesn't wait another twelve years between releases. After my bitchfest about how the Kings should have found a way, any way, to take Detroit, they slapped down Chicago Friday night and totally bitchslapped Columbus today. Which is good, because great teams don't lose to inferior teams. Happy that the boys didn't let the Detroit game throw them off. The hunt for Kings greatness continues. And with that, cannot believe that the weekend is over already. Damn, I am really getting sick of this shit. Like I wasn't already. So tired of being an office drone.


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