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Monday, December 19, 2005

Anything for publicity

So first thing this morning, from my vantage point on the 11th floor office in Hollywood, I see this terrifying sight flitting about the skies of my fair town and in addition to a moment of WTF I also decided on the spot no way I'm gonna check that site, nope, not gonna do it. But leave it to Defamer to be on top of this, complete with photograph, which is good because there's no way my attempt at a description could have done it justice. Seriously, it's one for the Fug girls. Funny thing is - and I know this sounds like an "I'm so L.A." cliche - but you see so many weird things in this town that I had no trouble dismissing it immediately. I had already forgotten it when I found Defamer's article. So I guess it isn't working. Also, loved the account by the Defamer reader who sent in the story from Century City.


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