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Friday, December 16, 2005

The "B" word (and I don't mean "Burbank")

From what I've heard on the local news, this little fiasco was the result of some drunk idiot joking about a bomb (or as one of the passengers, being interview via phone on air, referred to it "the B word"). The plane was Vegas-bound out of Burbank and a group of co-workers heading off for a holiday celebration had apparently started on the booze early to the point where their judgement and common sense were severely compromised. Brilliant. How clueless (or wasted) do you have to be to joke about this stuff anywhere near the vicinity of an airport or plane? Everyone knows you're not supposed to do that. You will be taken seriously. The flight crew, security and law enforcement didn't screw around. The plane was stopped on the spot and uniforms were all over it. Passengers were taken off and the offending parties cuffed. Good.


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