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Monday, December 26, 2005

Baby's first meme

Because I can always use a reminder that I'm still pretty much a rank amateur when it comes to this blogging thing, I decided to tackle my first meme. From L.A. Blogger The Mad Professah Lectures, a Meme of Four: Four jobs you’ve had in your life: McDonalds counter help (first job), Customer Service Rep at an insurance agency, programming assistant at a small foreign language TV station, assistant to a Sr. VP and whoever else sets up office near my desk (and not, unfortunately, horse trainer or writer) Four movies you could watch over and over: All About Eve, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Thin Man, A Christmas Story Four places you’ve lived: Pasadena, CA; San Dimas, CA; Playa del Rey, CA; Des Plaines, IL Four TV shows you love to watch: South Park, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, City Confidential, Break the Ice (L.A. Kings pre-game show) Four places you’ve been on vacation: Hawaii, Colorado, Old Town Auburn, The Donner Party campsite Four websites you visit daily: L.A. Blogs, TV Tattle, Let's Go Kings Fan Page (during the season), Yahoo. Four of your favorite foods: Chocolate, steak, lobster, guacamole Four places you’d rather be: A farm in Vermont, a European countryside (English, French, Italian, I'm not picky), New York City, a deserted beach


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