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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Going off on "South Park"

Ricky Blitt and the Farrelly Brothers are apparently in a snitfest over an episode of South Park from 2004 in which fatass emeritus Eric Cartman passes himself off as a very Special Olympian. Must have been sweeps. Okay, first off: casting Johnny Knoxville, aka some Jackass or other as your ringer? Seriously pales in comparison to eminently more watchable Cartman. When a cartoon character upstages you, it's time to rethink your career, at least in the real world. Seriously. And props to Matt Stone for his studious defense of all things Matt and Trey, along with his very perceptive take on the cult of creativity. Why didn't Blitt and the Bros bitch when this thing was first broadcast and not when their feature length version is conveniently hitting theatres now? I'm just sayin'... I'm with Matt on this one. Let the wealth be shared among those who earn and deserve it. As far as the South Park guys ripping off anyone...four little cowboys eating pudding...


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