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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Kids these days redux: Save Farris

Gotta love this kid. Talk about your basic overachiever. I don't one bit begrudge him the book and movie offers that he'll be bombarded with. That is one serious adventure. Also look forward to his journalism career. You certainly can't say he isn't sincere. Seriously, I'm just glad he survived his excellent adventure. Also, saw his mom on a newschannel today and she kicked all kinds of "WTF?" ass. She's as boggled as the rest of us, with the added angst of it being her kid. It's gotta be tough, being a parent today, especially when they send you emails cheerfully announcing their plans to head for Baghdad, don't worry and send money. Kid's gonna get equal parts hugs and kisses and serious bitchslaps when he gets home. As he should, little devil. Finally, someone who deserves his fame! There is hope for 2005 yet!


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