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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kings (18-13-1, 37 pts) at Anaheim Mighty Ducks (14-13-5, 33 pts)

Yeah, I know this is late. We've just had a death in the family, so blogging the game in a timely fashion wasn't at the top of my list of priorities. In fact, initially I forgot to tune in and missed the first period. But it did turn out to be worth talking about, so I didn't want to just blow it off. I was dreading this game. In addition to our general woes and loss to one of the worst teams in the league the other night, Anaheim is on an upswing and if they'd won that would have given them 35 points to our 37. Way too close. So let's see...when I tuned in the Duckies had just scored to tie up the game (we were up 2-0? That alone is impressive, especially since both were PP goals). Eventually the Ducks went up 3-2, but the Kings tied it in the third when Petr Kanko, making his NHL debut "scored" his first goal. Actually the puck bounced off the skate of a Ducks player, but hey, it counts. Sometimes it's a game of skill, sometimes it's a game of luck. And with no scoring in OT, we were off to the shootout races. It turns out Giguere has been weak in shootouts. We'd won the only shootout we'd been involved with, and only won that on a goal the replay showed should have been disallowed. Like I said, sometimes it's a game of luck. However it's still also a game of skill and Giguere's seemed to desert him during the shootout, while Garon stopped the Ducks cold. Final score: Kings 4, Ducks 3. Cool stuff: Anaheim's black unis. Gotta admit, those things are ominous as hell, a far cry from the old silly cartoon design. I've gotta think the Ducks players are thrilled to death with them. I do think the "Anaheim" logo on the front should be a bit bigger, there's just too much empty space there. Cooler stuff: The large, loud contingent of diehard fans from Let's Go Kings who descended upon Arrowhead Pond for their annual Duck Roast and not only got to see a hell of a game but apparently really made their presence felt. That's what a hockey game should be like: it's something to be experienced, not just watched. You should come out of a game feeling like you just went to a party and the Kings haven't exactly been throwing many good ones lately. Glad they came through last night for the faithful who followed them behind the Orange Curtain and from the descriptions in the Duck Roast thread pretty much took ownership of the place. Coolest of them all: Mathieu Garon's goaltending. He was amazing and quite frankly the only reason Anaheim didn't blow this game wide open IMO. They hammered him (45 SOG) and a lot of those were quality scoring chances. Garon kept the Kings in this game. I know I bitched about making LaBarbera the starter earlier in the season, but if a guy wants to play the way Garon played then I am more than happy to be proven wrong. Tonight: Back at Staples Center, hopefully for a Coyote Roast.


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