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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kings (20-13-1, 41 pts) at Vancouver Canucks (20-9-3, 43 pts)

Although the records are nearly identical, Vancouver has been almost unbeatable at home (13-1-1 in their own building). If we win this game it would be huge. Since Van is in the same timezone as us, I didn't realize the game would start early. So by the time I tuned in around 7:30 it was well into the first period and the Kings had just scored to make it 2-1. End of the period we're tied at 2-2. I don't know if I should be more concerned that Vancouver jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first at home or more delighted that we came back to tie it up. Roenick has a goal and an assist, like he's trying to prove something, like he's still got it. Too bad we can't leave him off the Team USA roster more often. Garon is in goal. I haven't seen it announced officially anywhere, but apparently the job is now his to lose. Game on - the second period has started. The Canucks score to go up 3-2 and I have a question: isn't "Canuck" supposed to be a derogatory term? And if that's the case, why is there a hockey team called the Canucks? I've always wondered about that. Also, to make matters worse, we just took a penalty. No further scoring, but that horrible Carl's Jr. milkshake commercial (Googling of which is responsible for what little traffic this sad little blog has seen) assaults my senses. I hope that poor actor invests well, because getting typecast as the guy dirty dancing with a heavy-uddered cow cannot spell "long-term career". I nodded off in the third again (one reason I don't have season seats, how do people go to every game and still get up for work?) but long story short: the shootout is our friend. And Garon is apparently our starter. Good on him. And I cannot believe we whacked the Canucks at home. Only downside - the power play is still a liability. How freaking dangerous would we be if we were at least decent on the PP? Next up, I believe, is Calgary.


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