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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fading away gracefully. Or not.

Don't you just love it when celebrities who are definitely on the downside of fame's slippery slope make desperate grasps at maintaining some semblance of relevance? Me too. In a cruel point and laugh kind of way, of course. Apparently superstardom, once aquired, is nearly impossible to kick. Case in point: Sly Stallone (no, I'm not going to bother with an imdb link) apparently doesn't think his glory days are as far behind him as the rest of us might believe. He also thinks we want to drink his water. Take a moment to really think about that and let it sink in. I wish I could think of something really, brilliantly snarky, something about the flop sweat of desperation, but I'm just at a loss. Hopefully Defamer will get ahold of this and give it the treatment it deserves. Thanks to Mike at Franklin Avenue for that tasty tidbit. Or not. I can't believe he actually drank that stuff! I'm feeling a bit queasy now.


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