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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fortuitous choice of a blog name

I have strong ties to the Pasadena/Arcadia area. I was born in Pasadena (at the now defunct St. Luke's Hospital), my parents are from Arcadia and attended Arcadia High School and my godfather has such an amazing collection of area memorabilia that it's willed to the Arcadia Historical Museum. My grandmother's house in Arcadia was a lifelong fixture until it was sold a couple years ago after her death. On big race days you could hear the sounds of Santa Anita at her house, the roar of the crowd as the horses hit the top of the stretch followed by the sudden vacuum of silence when the race had ended. I once determined a Big Cap winner from her front yard because the announcer called his name so loud. If I could afford it I would probably live in that area instead of in bitty apartment in Hollywood. Having said that, if I had a choice, I might also live in Malibu, Silver Lake, the South Bay, somewhere up in the mountains, New York City, Venice (Italy, not California) or somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. My birthday is in June, making the rose my birth flower. It's also my favorite flower. Elliott Smith's "Rose Parade" is a favorite song. Hence the URL. I had to call it something. And thanks to the Rose Parade, the march toward blogosphere recognition and general feeling of semi-importance continues: got a mention on L.A. Observed's coverage on the ongoing Rose Parade hosting saga, with full-on URL no less. My feeling on the subject: the whole roving reporter thing may have seemed like a good idea at the time but the weather soon made it obvious that it wasn't going to happen. Stephanie was firmly planted in that seat and looked like she should have been chainsmoking while slamming back cocktails and bitching righteously in a rough, gravelly voice about her soggy, frigid predicament. She seriously needed to get out of that wet weather and into a dry booth. Also, I couldn't help notice at the end of the broadcast that up in the KTLA booth Bob and Michaela were equipped with notebooks while Stephanie was left struggling with a waterlogged copy of the Official Rose Parade Program, also available to you, the public. And in addition to the program she also got to juggle her microphone and umbrella. At the very least, couldn't they equipped her with a clip-on microphone at some point? But what I really hoped to be singled out for was catching equine enthusiast Bob Eubanks boo-boo about the number of vertabrae in Arabian horses. Because I'm just mean that way. Also because he can afford horses and I can't.


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