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Monday, January 09, 2006

Internet deprived

I asked one of our IT guys to recommend a local computer repair place for the diseased laptop and he kindly offered to take a shot at it on his own time for a more reasonable price than I’d pay at a shop. So maybe the financial damage won’t be as bad as I feared. Here’s hoping. What’s really kind of sad is how much I’m dreading being internet-free at home the next few days. It should only be a few days. I knew I was addicted but this is just…sad. I may have to go shopping after work to ease the pain. Upside: I may actually get to some stuff that doesn’t involve pointing and clicking, endlessly clicking. Laundry, reading, writing, the Kings game (another Duck Roast), Crash on DVD. Stuff like that. Does anyone know what internet withdrawal symptoms look like?


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