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Monday, January 02, 2006

Wet and windy

The 2006 Rose Parade is in the books and for the first time since 1955 it rained on the parade. I know we Southern Californians like to kick up a big fuss over a little rain but this morning was really brutal. You could see the trees blowing hard in the wind and water dripping off the floats and participants. I've gotta give props to everyone involved, if it wasn't for the obvious bad weather you would never have guessed they were marching in anything less than perfect conditions. The marching bands never faltered, the pretty horses behaved, the floats held up pretty well and it was the Rose Queen's 18th birthday. Awww. Good show. And then there was the situation in KTLA Channel 5's broadcast booth. Specifically the Stephanie Edwards/Bob Eubanks situation, which I wasn't previously aware of. Apparently relations between the two turned chilly somewhere along the line to the point where mommy and daddy decided to split them up to keep them away from each other's throats. L.A. Observed has the gist of it here, but long story short: Stephanie got booted from the booth in favor of a younger female co-host. I don't really care what the official word is, that was definitely a demotion and an embarrassing one at that. I'm sure the rain hampered her ability to do much "roving" but the fact that KTLA's powers that be unseated Stephanie instead of sending the new girl out into the crowd spoke volumes. I didn't know any of this was going on and was horribly disappointed when I tuned in. To Michaela Pereira's credit she wasn't as obnoxious or vacant as I feared, certainly nowhere near the levels of idiocy displayed by the hosts of the Hollywood Christmas Parade broadcast. My only criticisms would be her humming along with the marching bands and referring to Grand Marshal Sandra Day O'Connor as a justice on the "Superior" Court and taking a painfully obvious potty break (which Eubanks somewhat cruelly called her on). What was really tough to watch was Stephanie "reporting" from the field. My guess is that she won't be back next year. And that's a shame, another tradition gone. Also, didn't Bob the horse expert claim that Arabians have an extra vertabrae? Because that's inaccurate, they're actually short one. It's one of the reasons they have those high-set tails. ETA: I watched a repeat of the parade and sure enough, he said one additional vertabrae. Didn't even catch it when Michaela said "extra vertabrae". Heh.


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