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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Not so royal

Now these are the Kings I know and love. Bad penalties resulting in five power play goals for the Wild. Six losses in a row. Only three wins in the last 14 games. And now clinging to the eighth and final Western Conference playoff spot, only four points ahead of Anaheim, which has played three fewer games than the Kings. And like a recording, the usual chorus of we have to play harder, we have to play 60 minutes, we have to be more disciplined, etc. etc. I have been listening to this crap for years. Stop talking about it and do it. The sad fact is that the Kings do not show up to play 60 minutes and haven't for years. And sometimes they don't show up at all. I wonder if there's any chance of getting a new coach, one that will kick ass and take names and make these slackers work full-time. But at the moment I have no idea who I would want. I'm just drawing a blank. And if the problem is an organization-wide poor attitude then even a new coach may not help.


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