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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hosting it? They should be attending it.

This just in: KINGS HOST HOCKEY 101 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5TH The Kings Fan Development Department will be holding a hockey clinic at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo on Wednesday, April 5. The clinic will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be taught by Kings alumnus and radio personality Daryl Evans. Basic hockey skills will be covered on the ice for one hour, including proper skating technique, followed up by 30 minutes of classroom instruction! Participation is $50 and includes two tickets to the Kings April 6 game against the San Jose Sharks. It's true: sometimes the jokes do write themselves.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stick a fork in 'em

The Kings are pretty much done.

Lost to Calgary last night, tonight they're in Edmonton and we never win the second of back-to-back games.

The house afire start notwithstanding, our proud tradition of mediocrity is another year older.

So bummed.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Prisoner of love

Started watching Prison Break last week and I'm hooked. After just two viewings it's ranking right up there with "CSI" for me. A little background here is almost enough to get you up and running. Basically, when the show came back from hiatus last week, Michael (Wentworth Miller, who bears more than a passing resemblance to my brother) had to go to Plan B: delaying brother Lincoln's (Dominic Purcell, nice and square-jawed, just like I like them) execution when the breakout broke down. It didn't work and at the end of the episode Linc was entering the execution chamber. This week (last night) Linc was strapped into the chair all set to fry when a last minute stay of execution came through unexpectedly. There was also the issue of his spotting his supposedly dead or long-lost father in the viewing room. Anyway, the stay is in effect for a couple of weeks and Michael immediately went to work on a new breakout plan. Unfortunately, while scoping out the new escape route, he burned his back, which not only left him with a nasty wound but also took a chunk out of the elaborate full front and back torso tattoo that contains the prison's blueprint. Whew! Can you tell I'm excited about this show? More excitement - it was pretty much a no-brainer but nice to see the news that "Prison Break" just got an early second season renewal.

Snakes on the Brain

So in the last week I've become aware of what apparently has been quite the internet sensation for a while: the Snakes on a Plane phenomenom. I was aware of the project itself (great title) but not the online madness it has spawned. Then Liz posted this, the L.A. Times noticed Snakes on the Web and I stumbled across Snakes on a Blog. Apparently there are snakes on everything, including a hockey team! I freaking hate reptiles and I'm terrified of flying...and even I'm hooked! The thing doesn't come out until August, plenty of time for the hysteria to to build until there is not a person alive who doesn't know about this movie. It's going to be really interesting to see how much it rakes in opening weekend. And props to New Line for being smart and engaging the online fans and their interest in the movie rather than going into a copyright snit (NBC/Universal, I'm looking at you). The internet is a fact of life that some of the major studios seem to have a problem accepting. Getting combative and threatening legal action isn't going to make it go away. Some friendly advice: learn to deal with it and more importantly, work with it. Snakes on NBC/Uni. Heh. This could get addicting. Not to mention possibly really incredibly annoying by the time August rolls around. Until then...Snakes on a Screenwriter.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Kind of a slow day at the office, so I give you...

L.A. County Restaurant Closures - Celebrity Restaurant Edition: CHAYA VENICE 110 NAVY ST, VENICE Date Closed: March 01, 2006 Date Reopened: March 03, 2006 Reason for Closure: Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin, vermin infestation PATRICK'S ROADHOUSE 106 ENTRADA DR, SANTA MONICA Date Closed: January 24, 2006 Date Reopened: January 27, 2006 Reason for Closure: Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin, vermin infestation SANTA MONICA SEAFOOD 1205 COLORADO ST, SANTA MONICA Date Closed: February 17, 2006 Date Reopened: February 19, 2006 Reason for Closure: Prevention of entrance and harborage of vermin, vermin infestation What is it with all the vermin, people? You're running a restaurant, you have to keep the bugs out. Even I know that.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Your tax dollars at work, Angelenos

MTA Board Clashes Over Colors. I see nothing wrong with Aqua. Don't these people have anything better to do with their time and our money? Nevermind, don't answer that.

Darth Chef

"South Park" rocked last night as Matt and Trey found a way to bid farewell to Chef without using the words "Scientology", "Tom" or "Cruise" and still made their point, burying their satirical sword to the hilt. Kyle's eulogy was spot on. I like how they buried Chef but still left open the small possibility of his return if Isaac Hayes recovers from his reported health problems and takes back control of his career. After hearing about his health problems I don't for one second believe that quitting over SP's portrayal of Scientology was his doing. And Darth Chef was friggin' awesome. Now let's just hope Comedy Central doesn't let anyone browbeat them into retiring this episode too.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good afternoon, fellow haters

Just when you think Kevin Federline can't get any more ridiculous...that's right, he has another "song". Look at it this way - as long as The Feds lives, none of the rest of us need worry that we might be the biggest idiot in the world. At worst it's a race for second. What a tool.

And about time, too

Kings fire Andy Murray. Van Boxmeer also got the ax, a good thing considering how pathetic our power play has been this season. It will be interesting to see if Torchetti can light a fire under these guys for the rest of the season.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good news for a hectic Tuesday

My Uncle Dick has completed his treatment and is cancer-free. Yay!

Friday, March 17, 2006

King of Pain

So this just turned up in my inbox: KINGS CELEBRATE ADAM DEADMARSH NIGHT PRIOR TO KINGS VS AVALANCHE GAME MONDAY MARCH 20TH Adam Deadmarsh was old-school, a hockey player's hockey player. In his 10-seasons in the NHL, Deadmarsh was tougher than a three-dollar steak, leaving a trail of bodies sprawled out on the ice whenever he took to the rink. The former-right wing left an indelible imprint within the hearts of L.A. hockey fans in his short stay with the Kings On Monday, Mar. 20th, the Kings will celebrate Adam Deadmarsh Night at STAPLES Center with a pre-game ceremony prior to the Kings vs Colorado Avalanche match. The ceremony will honor Deadmarsh's memorable 10-year NHL career. As part of the festivities, every fan attending that night's game will receive an Adam Deadmarsh commemorative poster. Don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate the career of one of the most loved players ever to put on a Kings sweater. Purchase your tickets to the game today! For those of you not hockey-inclined, Deadmarsh (one of the league's classiest guys in addition to his on-ice skills) was obtained in the deal that sent Rob Blake to Colorado because the Kings didn't want to shell out the big bucks to keep an elite player. What sucked even more is that Blake was home grown, drafted by the Kings out of college. I remember going to the games when he was this wide-eyed kid with huge potential. Watching him develop into an eventual Norris Trophy winner (best defenseman) was a treat now pretty much relegated to the good old days, at least as long as we're under current (cheap-ass) ownership. So not only do I wonder how different things would have been had we kept Blake, I wonder if Deadmarsh wouldn't have gotten those concussions and might still be playing. I just can't help wondering about that, it's how my warped little mind works.

And now it's Friday

Another reason to love these guys. I thought they were kind of subdued on Letterman. Guess they were still working on the press release. Yep, they lost again. Only question left is who will be our next coach. Note to self: Do not eat at Denny's. Avoid like the plague. Very sad news: Query Letters I Love, in both incarnations, is now apparently, really officially dead. In addition to the loss of a seriously cool site, now how am I supposed to feel superior to other hacks trying to foist their screenplays on an unsuspecting Hollywood? Finally, a label for me. We even have a book. Because I am easily amused: It's the dancing CSI baby! It takes her a while to get going, but once she does baby she's a rocker. However, this does beg the question of who lets a little kid watch a show like this? Some of the stuff they show is potentially nightmare-inducing. A lot of it, actually. Updates throughout the day, it would appear...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Various and sundry things on a sunny Thursday

Uneasy lies the head: The Kings came back from the Olympic Break with a couple of wins, then promptly negated them with a couple of losses. Boss of Me was at the game the other night and said they just looked terrible. Dallas is in town tonight, so I'm not getting my hopes up. Still, no "CSI" tonight so maybe I'll tune in and see how long I can bear it. Nothing is sacred in this town: As mentioned over the last few days on a number of local blogs, the Capitol Records building is up for sale and there's talk of possibly converting it to condos. I'll never be able to afford to live there, so I'll just be glad they aren't thinking of tearing it down and leave it at that for now. Oh yes, there will be feedback: Yahoo has gotten its periodic redesign bug and as such will be receiving less than glowing feedback from yours truly. I keep telling them, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I like knowing where all the links and buttons are. I don't want to relearn them. It's like my local Ralph's - they rearranged some of the aisles about a year ago and it still throws me off. There may be updates during the day, maybe not.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Won't someone think of the little crackers?

Chef quits "South Park". That is a shame. I'm sorry Hayes feels that way, one of the things I've always loved about this show is that it's an equal opportunity offender. No one is safe, nothing is sacred. Yeah, they definitely go overboard at times, but more often they really hit the mark. And is it just me, or does Matt Stone sound really pissed in that article? Coincidentally, Matt and Trey will be on Letterman Wednesday. I think their new season starts later this month. I have got to remember to watch.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Brass ones

My friend Liz has 'em. I had no idea she was going to do this until I read it on her blog this morning. And I think it's awesome. If it sounds far-fetched to you keep in mind that this why she will make it in this business sooner or later. She is well-educated in her chosen field, is pro-active as hell and networks like a champ. And no, they probably won't let her direct an episode. They are in a position to be picky and can choose from the best and most experienced episodic directors available. But they will remember her and that's important if not crucial, because it really is who you know in this town, especially when you're trying to get in. Way to go Liz!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Walking the Hollywood beat

My morning "commute" was pretty interesting today. In front of the Galaxy Theater, a large bouquet of flowers on Christopher Reeve's star, along with a guy dressed as Superman hovering nearby. Not an unusual sight, but they're usually in front of the Chinese Theater and not out that early in the morning. I thought maybe it was the anniversary of Reeve's death. Then I came in and saw this: Reeve's widow dead at 44. Lung cancer. That is just tragic. You could say that at least they're together now, but damn. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams is also now the Boulevard of Cracked and Gouged Sidewalks - in the section stretching from right past the Chinese to Highland, the portion of the Walk of Fame that had been covered for the Oscars is not only dirty but seriously gouged and cracked. I don't remember past ceremonies wreaking this kind of destruction. It's really trashed. So typical of an film crew to not worry about the damage, just let the insurance pick up the tab. Easier to write a check than take the time to be careful. I hope they fix it up and don't just leave it like that. Also hope they bill AMPAS and not the fine taxpayers of Los Angeles for the cost of repairs. Just a few blocks from where I saw them last week, a "CSI" crew sign posted, meaning there is more location shooting going on nearby. I swear I'm going to the post office during lunch. I will not stalk my favorite show, I won't, I won't, I won't. No, really. That's right. I'm Melinda and I walk the Hollywood beat :) Updated: I went to the post office like a good girl :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy birthday to us!

First of all, today is my brother's birthday. So happy birthday Tommy! Apparently it's also my birthday as well: Whole Foods in Hollywood is apparently happening. I kept hearing different things about locations. This location is good because it's on my way to and from the new office. Now, I wonder when it will be open?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Aww...RIP Jack Wild

A part of my childhood has died. I remember seeing him in "Oliver!" (barely, it was so long ago) and used to watch Pufnstuf, although I don't know why - it was kind of creepy. It was just part of the Saturday morning TV routine. It makes me sad that things went so downhill for him. Rest in peace, Jack. I hope the The Banana Splits are okay.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Celebrity sighting of the day...FINALLY

And it was a good one: turns out my beloved "CSI" was filming on Las Palmas (between Hollywood and Selma) today. The first time I walked past I didn't see anyone from the cast. There were trucks and crew and equipment all over the place and as I approached I noticed an SUV marked "Crime Scene" so I figured it was one of the CSI's. A few steps later I noticed that one of the black and whites parked along the curb had a Nevada license plate. Then I saw the "Las Vegas Police Dept." logo on the side of the car and that sealed it. But I didn't see anyone recognizable. However, on the way back, I hit paydirt. Funny thing was, the cars were gone and it looked like the people who were left were just breaking everything down. Then, as I was walking along, minding my own business, I glanced across the street and just standing there on the sidewalk: Eric Szmanda, ladies and gentlemen. To my credit, I didn't do a double-take or gawk like an idiot. But I was distracted enough that I couldn't tell if the guy who passed me on my side of the street a few seconds later was Gary Dourdan or just someone who kind of looked like him. Just as I looked up he ducked down to check out his hair in his reflection in a store window. He didn't seem tall enough. Too bad I couldn't get a look at his eyes, that would have sealed it one way or the other. I guess I'm going to have to wait until the episode airs and see if the outfit matches or if he's even in that scene. Yesterday, "Las Vegas" was shooting on Cahuenga just north of Sunset. I didn't see anyone, but I also don't watch that one and it wouldn't have been as big of a thrill. "CSI" on the other hand is one of my all-time favorite shows, so I got a big kick out of stumbling onto their location. All in all, a good day in my little corner of the world. Updated: When I went by last night around 7pm, the black and whites were back but the street was blocked off, so I really couldn't see anything. Still, very cool.