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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Celebrity sighting of the day...FINALLY

And it was a good one: turns out my beloved "CSI" was filming on Las Palmas (between Hollywood and Selma) today. The first time I walked past I didn't see anyone from the cast. There were trucks and crew and equipment all over the place and as I approached I noticed an SUV marked "Crime Scene" so I figured it was one of the CSI's. A few steps later I noticed that one of the black and whites parked along the curb had a Nevada license plate. Then I saw the "Las Vegas Police Dept." logo on the side of the car and that sealed it. But I didn't see anyone recognizable. However, on the way back, I hit paydirt. Funny thing was, the cars were gone and it looked like the people who were left were just breaking everything down. Then, as I was walking along, minding my own business, I glanced across the street and just standing there on the sidewalk: Eric Szmanda, ladies and gentlemen. To my credit, I didn't do a double-take or gawk like an idiot. But I was distracted enough that I couldn't tell if the guy who passed me on my side of the street a few seconds later was Gary Dourdan or just someone who kind of looked like him. Just as I looked up he ducked down to check out his hair in his reflection in a store window. He didn't seem tall enough. Too bad I couldn't get a look at his eyes, that would have sealed it one way or the other. I guess I'm going to have to wait until the episode airs and see if the outfit matches or if he's even in that scene. Yesterday, "Las Vegas" was shooting on Cahuenga just north of Sunset. I didn't see anyone, but I also don't watch that one and it wouldn't have been as big of a thrill. "CSI" on the other hand is one of my all-time favorite shows, so I got a big kick out of stumbling onto their location. All in all, a good day in my little corner of the world. Updated: When I went by last night around 7pm, the black and whites were back but the street was blocked off, so I really couldn't see anything. Still, very cool.


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