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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Snakes on the Brain

So in the last week I've become aware of what apparently has been quite the internet sensation for a while: the Snakes on a Plane phenomenom. I was aware of the project itself (great title) but not the online madness it has spawned. Then Liz posted this, the L.A. Times noticed Snakes on the Web and I stumbled across Snakes on a Blog. Apparently there are snakes on everything, including a hockey team! I freaking hate reptiles and I'm terrified of flying...and even I'm hooked! The thing doesn't come out until August, plenty of time for the hysteria to to build until there is not a person alive who doesn't know about this movie. It's going to be really interesting to see how much it rakes in opening weekend. And props to New Line for being smart and engaging the online fans and their interest in the movie rather than going into a copyright snit (NBC/Universal, I'm looking at you). The internet is a fact of life that some of the major studios seem to have a problem accepting. Getting combative and threatening legal action isn't going to make it go away. Some friendly advice: learn to deal with it and more importantly, work with it. Snakes on NBC/Uni. Heh. This could get addicting. Not to mention possibly really incredibly annoying by the time August rolls around. Until then...Snakes on a Screenwriter.


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