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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Walking the Hollywood beat

My morning "commute" was pretty interesting today. In front of the Galaxy Theater, a large bouquet of flowers on Christopher Reeve's star, along with a guy dressed as Superman hovering nearby. Not an unusual sight, but they're usually in front of the Chinese Theater and not out that early in the morning. I thought maybe it was the anniversary of Reeve's death. Then I came in and saw this: Reeve's widow dead at 44. Lung cancer. That is just tragic. You could say that at least they're together now, but damn. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams is also now the Boulevard of Cracked and Gouged Sidewalks - in the section stretching from right past the Chinese to Highland, the portion of the Walk of Fame that had been covered for the Oscars is not only dirty but seriously gouged and cracked. I don't remember past ceremonies wreaking this kind of destruction. It's really trashed. So typical of an film crew to not worry about the damage, just let the insurance pick up the tab. Easier to write a check than take the time to be careful. I hope they fix it up and don't just leave it like that. Also hope they bill AMPAS and not the fine taxpayers of Los Angeles for the cost of repairs. Just a few blocks from where I saw them last week, a "CSI" crew sign posted, meaning there is more location shooting going on nearby. I swear I'm going to the post office during lunch. I will not stalk my favorite show, I won't, I won't, I won't. No, really. That's right. I'm Melinda and I walk the Hollywood beat :) Updated: I went to the post office like a good girl :)


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