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Friday, April 07, 2006

Cruise Control

I've been seeing billboards for "Mission Impossible 3", coming to a theater or five thousand near you in about a month and it makes me wonder how the public spectacle that Tom Cruise has become will affect the film's box office performance. Cruise (along with Tom Hanks) has been the most bulletproof of movie stars for years, the whole Scientology thing notwithstanding. It's hard to remember a time when he wasn't a major movie star. But with the couch-jumping, suspect relationship/pregnancy and the apparent lobotomizing of Katie Holmes, not to mention getting into a bitch-slapping match with "South Park", Cruise is no longer impervious. I haven't seen either of the MI movies, so I'm not sure if their success is due to Cruise's star power, lots of explosions or really good writing and directing. But I still have a feeling that MI3 is going to suffer along with the fall of Cruise's public persona. He should never have fired Pat Kingsley. And I have a feeling Matt and Trey will go after him again, especially if MI3 tanks.


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