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Thursday, April 20, 2006

If it sounds to good to be true...

Even as I was blogging about it yesterday, I had a feeling I'd be eating my words. I chose to ignore it as my usual pessimism and told myself to think positive. So I go to Best Buy to pick up the newly restored laptop last night...and sure enough, it is not fixed and when it finally is it will not be free of charge. Turns out the only thing they fixed was the keyboard (I had accidentally busted a couple of keys while typing rather forcefully out of frustration as the virus devoured my OS, like that was gonna help). No wonder the guy laughed when I asked him if they saved my documents - it didn't make any sense. Apparently these supposed computer geeks missed the part of the conversation where I told them all sorts of weird windows and websites started popping up until the OS crashed completely. They also missed the note on the work order that mentioned the OS wouldn't launch. Not only that, last night it took several tries to explain that the keyboard wasn't even the reason I had brought it in. Sure, it looks nice but my computer crashed you guys, and all the pretty keyboards in the world aren't going help that situation. When the guy assisting me finally figured it out, he gave me a brochure detailing the repairs that will be done that I had wanted in the first place, wrote up a new work order, charged me $200 (the service plan I was badgered into when I bought the thing gave me $50 off the repairs, so yay to that) and apologetically offered to try and put a rush on it, since they had goofed. Seven to ten days until I get it back. What a freaking letdown. Customer service is truly a lost art.


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