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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Power to the people

Had lunch with Liz and picked her brain about Prosper, the recently launched Ebay-like "online marketplace for people-to-people lending". Liz is trying to get a lower interest rate to pay off one of her higher credit card balances. That way, not only does she get the better rate but also gets to give the big middle finger to a major banking institution that would be happy if she stayed in debt to them forever. The site hasn't gotten a lot of publicity yet, but as Liz mentioned in her post ABC News recently did a piece about it. My opinion is that this has all the makings of being the next Ebay or Netflix. I hope it's successful. I'd love to give the finger to Providian and Capital One. In other internet news, I haven't seen anything yet on the vote in Congress regarding net neutrality. Anyone heard anything?


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